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14 Haz 2024 05:57 -

626Question: I do not like myself, but you say: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Maybe it is necessary to love yourself first? But how?

Answer: Start loving others, and then you will see how much you love yourself. Only then does a person begin to understand that he is actually a terrible egoist!

Question: Usually this phrase is actually translated like this: “Let me love myself first, and then I will deal with others.” But you say it differently. Strive toward others, love others, and then you will see how much you love yourself.

So a person must forcibly make such an effort and start trying to love people. Will some bitterness appear in him then? What will appear in him?

Answer: He will see that he is divided into his external and internal parts, and in fact he loves only himself and only for this is he ready to exist.

And then if he understands that he has to remake himself, he will already need some kind of correction methodology.

Question: And these are the kind of people who find us?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/24

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14 Haz 2024 05:52 -

284.05In the article “The Last Generation” Baal HaSulam described how the structures of the state will look when some people are at the stage of realizing evil, some at the stage of “do not harm others,” and someone is already in love for one’s neighbor.

He specifically describes how the social structures of society, the courts, and everything that exists in the state will look.

In the primary sources, it is said that this should first of all happen in the State of Israel, with the Jews, because this is the nation chosen for the purpose of unity and love for one’s neighbor back in ancient Babylon thousands of years ago. And this does not refer to nationality but to the aspiration of the soul.

That is, the last stage of spiritual development is the existence of the state of Israel for the whole world.

When we can create such a state structure and such emotional relationships between people here, then we will have some tools and we will be able to set an example to others.

And then the whole world will become a closed system that exists according to the rule “love your neighbor as yourself.”
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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14 Haz 2024 05:42 -

629.4In Kabbalah there is such a term: from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of the other” (“Mi Lo Lishma—Lishma”).

That is, correction begins with egoistic intentions: I want to get closer to a friend in order to reveal the Creator because I understand that in this system I will have eternal life, I will be able to justify everything.

This is the second stage after the recognition of evil, but it is still egoistic. And then, under the influence of the upper light, the force of the Creator, His emanation, His nature, we begin to change.

That is, a person acquires such an ability when he can already bestow and connect with another without any benefit for himself.

This is already the third stage, a real altruistic property because bestowal becomes a reward for us. As Baal HaSulam writes, everyone should work to the best of their ability and receive only what is necessary.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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14 Haz 2024 05:36 -

115.05Question: Baal HaSulam writes that today, in a world where nuclear bombs exist, there is no other way to survive than to just start considering each other. We cannot openly use others anymore. Is this understanding not enough for us?

Answer: No, this requires consent and reshaping of each person and everyone together so that we all begin to move from an absolutely egoistic system of our world, our society, to an absolutely altruistic system.

In order for a person to begin to fight not with his own kind, but with his own ego, a great transformation must take place in him.

Question: Is it not enough for us to understand that our ego leads us nowhere?

Answer: No, that will not do anything. A person needs to realize the evil of his nature so much that he stops using it. Egoism must be revealed in him to such an extent that he sees that taking something from another is like death, thinking badly about another is like killing yourself.

Comment: But as I understand, nature itself or the upper mind cannot give us such a system; otherwise, we will not have freedom of choice and we will just be like robots.

My Response: Of course. Therefore, it will always be concealed.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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