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The prices for #energy are growing all over the world. This is good news - as it will force people to give up all unnecessary activities. This will happen with all the "products" that man produces - #nature will show us what is necessary and sufficient. Only this will remain!
The @UN is against #Israel, against the #Jews settling it... What else can humanity wish for, if the Jews are not showing an example of unity to all the nations of the world!
... and society as a whole, towards #unity. But for now, everything is moving backwards...
The things happening in the world will obligate us to restructure #society and the #economy. Otherwise we will be obliterated. We should see the things that are happening as a challenge from the Creator, and the need to provide an answer - by changing every person ...
.... Otherwise we will enter a period of reducing our irrational activities by means of #wars!
All forms of crises, from the #pandemic to industrial-trade, are intended to show us the necessity to reduce the activities of the whole of humanity down to the rational, "No more and no less" in everything ....
#Jews have no capacity to defend their righteousness for we feel in our genes that we are to blame for everyone's woes. The only escape lies in rising above and becoming an example of unity to all people. Thus we will fulfill our mission and secure respect & pride ...
And in doing so, we're destroying the #planet.
We are worse than animals. An animal will stop if it senses danger, but a human being cannot stop. The #ego is stronger than we are. It is given to us from above, and it commands us. In turn, we dutifully obey its commands instead of following the animal survival instinct.
Nature, with its aspiration to reciprocal, good, in unification, will compel us to be corrected, if not by the good path, then by the path of #suffering - behold, it is already starting by the #winter of 2022...
... Only the quality of connections needs to change, without severing them.
#EU #brexit
On one hand, breaking free from the obligations of the #European market, as Great Britain did; but on the other hand, this is escaping connections and hence against the tendency of humanity's general unification, Gmar Tikkun.
The question is how this will happen: by world #wars, or by #conscious awareness...
The world has to go through a #depression - rejection of unnecessary production, liberation from unnecessary #consumption, reform of its necessities and activities, leaving everything only to the extent of necessity. We will thus pacify the earth and ourselves.
The World Anti-doping Agency has announced that the status of #Marijuana needs to be revisited, to remove it from the list of prohibited substances.
Back when the campaign against smoking started, I wrote that this is being done in order to #legalize drugs like marijuana.
Choosing an #enemy for ourselves, we give the world meaning. Without enemies, the world becomes vague, undefined - but #hatred puts the surrounding world into focus, invigorates us... how good it is, to have someone to hate?
...the greatest deficit in the world - is the lack of support, willingness to help, genuine empathy. We cannot even fathom the value of such an attitude...