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The solution lies is dismantling the liberal monopoly over power, but the elites won't allow it. It's a dead end.
The authorities strive to preserve the system, since there is no other system of government. The elite has gone by the wayside, leaving government, execution and responsibility for society to feeble ministers and officials.
... so they will pull me out of prison...
"Perhaps I am afraid of revealing how opposite I am to the will to bestow. I subconsciously protect myself, not allowing myself to come closer to the Creator. I must ask the friends for strength, to help me incorporate into the group by an effort above my nature ...
If hatred isn't revealed, it means we have not merited to advance. However, we strive to awaken not hatred, but increasingly greater aspiration to unity - and hence we feel that the Creator Himself elicits rejection between us and Him... so we will ask!
The Creator incites strife between the friends. And we must unite above the problem, which the Creator has revealed, and thank Him for this revelation of egoism and for the correction. Hatred comes first and it is revealed to the extent of our readiness to ask for correction.
We mustn't debate over who is right and who is to blame: there is hatred (from the Creator) and it must be covered with love (a plea to the Creator). Then, instead of treading in one spot, we will advance spiritually. Especially if the whole ten asks for help from above ...
.... then all of the (Creator's) sins are covered by (the Creator's) love.