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The nation of Israel must show the nations of the world an example of unity and by that bring the world to correction. Until it implements unity within itself, the nations of the world will compel it to unite by hatred. #Antisemitism will rise or fall depending on Israel's unity.
For now the Jews aren't a nation, but a group of different nations of the world. If it attains unity, it will become an example of unity for all the nations of the world. The force of their unity will compel the nations of the world to unite.
Otherwise the world will not attain #peace. Therein lies the hidden meaning of #Antisemitism.
The group that Abraham united from the nations of Babylon by the method of unity, #Kabbalah, must unite and teach all the nations of the world to do the same. The purpose of human #evolution is to reveal unity = Creator.
The nation of #Israel - Isra-El, from Yashar-El, one aiming at the Upper One, unity.
From them, the force of #unity (the Creator) will be revealed in the nations (light onto the nations). #international #trade
None of the #alliances between countries can be realized, and the nations will blame #Israel for that. Until the Jews unite into a nation, the nations won't be able to unite. The method of the Jews' unity lies in Kabbalah.
The Torah says, "The nation of Israel went into exile to unite the souls of the nations of the world." In our time, with the revelation of Kabbalah, the method of correction, we have been given an opportunity to accelerate & soften the world's movement toward the goal of creation
A Kabbalistic group, the ten, works like an elevator If one invests in it as much as he can, the elevator starts lifting him to the next floor or spiritual degree. Thus, each time, a person rises via the group by drawing the upper light. Me - the group - light (the Creator)