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But these are just facts and they won't correct people. People have to know about human nature and how to correct it!
#NYC #education
The New York City Department of Education is launching a school course to fight #Antisemitism: knowledge about the difficult path the #Jewish nation has undergone, the general hatred and discrimination against all groups of the population.
He thus revealed the method of connecting to the Creator and started teaching it to others - that is how the nation of #Israel came to be.
... and this is the whole difference between Abraham and Nimrod.
Abraham is the connection between Bina and Malchut, the father of the nation, since he transmitted Bina's qualities to Malchut. Abraham broke the ego, the idols, showing that one must worship Bina, bestowal, rather than Malchut, reception. Bestowal becomes our God ...
.... and attain adhesion, Dvekut.
Worshiping the Creator means revering the force of unity. All the commandments aim us at unification in the ten, so all ten people will reach union in the group. This is the essence, meaning and aim of the commandments, because we must correct the broken vessel ...
... "Those who are with the Creator - come to me!" and "Love will cover all transgressions".
Starting with the "fall of man", the egoistic desire appeared in Ancient Babylon, and #Israel is obligated to correct its egoistic desire to an altruistic one. This is the generation of Abraham, the force that divided humanity into two parts, by the appeal ...
Babylonian society split into these two camps.