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We will have to proceed by one of them or between them. Kabbalah helps us to choose the better one
We are undergoing the first blow of the integral world into which nature wishes to place us - in order that we may accept it and unite by good connections. But we are resisting. There are two paths from here on: the good path and the path of suffering.
And the solution has to match our new bad sensation - the more all-enveloping and global the blow to the entire planet, the more global must be the remedy against it - meaning our unity, until reaching the absolute, common love that envelops everyone.
We are living in a new era, and the crimes being revealed in the world today do not belong to a group of people, a person or a nation - but to everyone together. This already means that we really are in a new era, and the world is becoming closed, integral.
He reveals evil, and we reveal goodness, and that is how we attain Him.
"I created the evil inclination" - the Creator reveals the evil of our egoism, and we must reveal the good inclination: unity and love, which will cover all of the evil. This will be our spiritual work. That is how we become the Creator's partners.
"Love will cover all sins" - this principle covers the whole of creation. Because the purpose of creation is to attain love as the upper degree of connection, unity. And to attain this state, we must first feel its opposite - meaning hatred, rejection, transgression.
You will be able to ascend spiritually if you care about the Creator and the meaning of life over grievances toward others. Otherwise you will remain in an animal state.
We need to stop perceiving current developments as a crisis. Nature operates by its own laws. And because we don't understand them, we don't conform to them. Therefore, the #crisis isn't in nature, but in our lack of understanding of #nature.
... towards the higher spiritual state.