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One must annul oneself, calibrate oneself properly to understand who am I and what is the world.
The most important thing in the wisdom of Kabbalah is to reveal the Creator - the one who governs me, and how I should accept this governance. Am I under the Creator's complete control, or am I mistaken in that I am?
If I regret what I did and blame myself, I do not seem to believe in the single Upper force besides which there's nothing.
The Light of the Creator - the light of bestowal, the power of faith, allows us to rise above our ego and see everything not with the ego-eyes, when I complain to the Creator, the world, and myself.
Only with equal striving towards Israel-Torah-Creator can I get to the center.
The Creator is the result of all my efforts to unite in the ten. I am constantly looking for this solution but I keep circling around it, around the center of the ten, missing it. Because egoism knocks me off of this goal.
The resulting connection is a quality of the Creator!
The center of the tens does not apply to any of us, but only to all in equal measure - this is the Creator. As if I took 10 paints of different color and began to mix them together until there was not a single predominant color left.
Faith is determined by the discrepancy between what I see and what I have to see. If this world is perfect, because the Creator created it, and there is no one but Him, then I must see it as ideal. But I see many problems in it now - this is the level of knowledge.
There's nowhere to run from the new state of the "last generation." We must realize our mission, which cannot be shirked: to bring humanity to a global, integral system of connections by way of the light that reforms, which flows through our group and into the world...