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Love is built above hatred, but adhesion is the middle line, their sum.
The middle line is Man, IsraEl (Yashar-Kel = straight to the Creator), directing me at the Creator. The encounter with the Creator happens in the middle line, where there is no hatred or love, but there is a sensation of adhesion above them.
I build a point of connection with the Creator - in the middle line.
I must care for the balance of two opposites, not degrading hatred nor love. I attribute both forces to the Creator. I am equally grateful to Him for both of them. I incorporate both of these qualities. I feel that I am independent of them.
By connecting the two lines, I build myself out of both.
The middle line is the degree of creation's adhesion with the Creator. I am neither love nor hatred. I build myself when I understand that there are two forces in existence and I prefer one over the other, since I value the Creator's qualities more than creation's qualities.
This is the beginning of a dialogue, a connection with the Creator...
At every moment I have new thoughts and a new attitude to the neighbor - in it, I feel how the Creator relates to me, what He wants to say. By wishing to bring all relationships to unity and love, I thereby respond to the Creator, I converse with Him.
Do not ascribe hatred or love to yourself - you receive them from above. But always attribute yourself to the middle line, balancing hatred and love, so they will operate as one whole. One cannot exist without the other. As a creation, I exist between opposites...
When rejection from the group arises over and over again, one must understand that this is a transition to a new degree, which always starts with breakage. That is the only way we can advance and keep rising higher up the degrees of unity and love.