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In the Port of #Oakland, USA, under pressure from Pro-Palestinian activists, the Israeli cargo ship #Volans was not allowed to unload.
Don't be surprised - after you voted for #Biden! Everything is still ahead!
We exist in a closed system of nature, where our thoughts and relationships are its highest force!
We won't be able to affect the deterioration of the climate in any way, other than by our relationships. Because of them, it is changing for the worse, and because of them, it can also start changing for the better.
... according to our choice to behave in the quality of bestowal.
In our world, only Isra-El, one who rises above #egoism, has freedom of will (of decisions and behavior). Otherwise one is ruled by one's animate egoism. Therefore we have to see the world as a world of puppets that are controlled by the Creator ....
The Creator is managing us through them...
The riots in #Israel will stop only if the #Jews carry out the Creator's commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself", to rise above the individual egoism. Otherwise the Arabs will "teach" us the right relationships. Because we are at the last stage of correction!
And if they don't do it, then they are to blame for everything!
Why does the #UN investigate Israel's actions in Gaza in the May 2021 military campaign, but doesn't talk about the victims on Israel's side?
It's because it's okay to kill #Jews! Because by their unity they are obliged to bring peace to the world. Only they can do that!
#Antisemitism will unite the Jews of America and Israel - this is the benefit of it once again...