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.... against all problems is precisely people coming closer to each other.
The root of all problems is the breaking and separation of the soul of Adam. Hence any problem can be corrected if people come closer to one another in the right way. In our time, when humanity's integral connection is becoming revealed, we must realize that the remedy ....
In 2021, people will become cognizant that the lack of proper connections is the reason for all the world's problems.
In 2021, Kabbalists will become cognizant of their responsibility for the education and #enlightenment of humanity.
The year 2021 will expose the end of the global #financial system. There's nowhere for it to continue developing. Growing. Investing funds. Socialism will arise in the whole world - but not the Soviet - dictatorial type, rather toward the social order described by Kabbalah.
... in conscious ascent above egoism.
The recent behavior of the mainstream mass media is clearly the Creator's targeted governance. Because by that they have begun to restructure society, out of the revelation of evil and the lack of education. This will result in the emergence of a New Generation ....
- and after them, of all the world's inhabitants. We studied this in the beginning of the pandemic. The world depends on the Jews!
"Covid" in Israel: the country has "gone under" in a bad way - the epidemic is ahead of the vaccination. That's how it should be - all the evil in the world comes from the increasing lack of likeness to the Creator. And likeness depends on the Jews' aspiration to it ...
I rejoice at the constantly emerging disturbances, because precisely above them, again and again I strive for connection with the friends, and through them - to the Creator. I do not want for the egoism to end. I am happy to see that it exists and above it I can show my attitude