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The content is based on talks given by Dr. Michael Laitman and is written and edited by his students.

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• Return to Activity of the Largest Particle Accelerator in Switzerland
#Israel Perceived by Hamas Leader as Losing “Inner Faith in its Ability to Continue to Survive.” • Do We Need Suffering in Order to Live a Life of Meaning?
• Mass Shootings in the US. • International Joke Day: Humor is a significant part of our lives, it is hard to imagine them without it. • Collaboration Between Bacteria • President Biden's Visit to Israel. •…
When does a black hole give birth to a star?
• Elon Musk has a very bad feeling about the world economy, but at the same time believes that recession is good. #FinancialCrisis #psychology #Space #beauty
• Part of #humanity is searching for a way to pass away painlessly, and part of humanity is searching for how to prolong life, to be beautiful and young.
• Black holes are known to absorb everything that enters their gravitational field.
• Disappearance of borders between countries will fall when the borders between the hearts of people will fall.
• Japanese psychologists say that people are born with moral guidelines.…
In this episode of The #World, hosted by Norma Livne, Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman will discuss whether our will to understand through reason and #intelligence helps us toward the development of the person and #society.
The desire to acquire knowledge is one of the most advanced desires within people. We want to understand reality through reason and intelligence.…
#ClimateCrisis : Is #humanity facing "collective suicide"?
• Klil Kimhi’s Question: Who is a person without the titles that define him? • A Mosquito in Front of You: What is the role of insects in creation? #nature #SustainableFuture22
•Global #Food #Crisis: Will the solutions in agriculture minimize the damage? • Social Boycott among Children: What causes mothers to cooperate with this phenomenon? • Living in a Multi-Generational Home: When should young people live independently?…
•Dictating and Firing: • One Language: • Charitable Giving and Reward: Why doesn’t it always work? • Stressed and Happy: • A Threat App: Why do we make everything bad? • Theft in Order to Eat: • A Letter from a Follower…
• Will the #Economic #crisis lead to a revolution in our thinking?
• After their home was destroyed, a couple moved to their basement. Only when they lost everything did they feel liberated. Now, apart from caring for others, nothing else matters to them.
• The pilots who dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki lived a long life. How can a person live with oneself after performing such an action?
• Strong nostalgic feelings of good relationships, trips, and intimate conversations. Will we return to this #lifestyle ?
Today's program will cover the following topics: •Wars of #Liberation: Turning evil into good. • Weaving the fabric of life from hatred to #love.…
•It seems like Armageddon (the War of Gog and Magog) has been manifesting for some time already, and we didn’t recognize it. Is this really the case, and if so, how will it end?
•Is it possible for #Ukraine and #Russia to reach #Peace ?
"Today's episode will cover questions from followers and students:
•Has the #world gone mad? •How can we prevent a nuclear World #War from happening? •Why is humanity’s #history based on wars?…
Today's discussion covers the #spiritual perspective of humanity’s #history .
•What is a state of #war according to Kabbalah?
•Do war and #peace exist in human #nature? •How can two opposite forces coexist peacefully inside us? •Will our internal wars also manifest externally in our #world?…