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President of #France, @EmmanuelMacron "Global system is experiencing an unprecedented crisis that for the first time is not a consequence of world wars."
This is a general #crisis of the egoistic system of human relations. The only way to correct it is by the method of Kabbalah.
.... is to make conscious efforts leading to that unity. If they do, they will build a perfect society, and the entire world will benefit from it.
Over the centuries, this principle faded and was replaced by the physical performance of the traditions. From this point, Jews lost the true sense of their identity, and now, the only way for them to become “as one man with one heart” again ...
Regardless of their differences, they united around the principle “love will cover all transgressions,” meaning that building good and loving relations between people covers the destructive and disintegrating power of the human ego.
Why? The problem lies in the roots of the Jewish identity. Jews originated in ancient Babylon. They appeared as a group of representatives of the 70 nations of ancient Babylon who agreed to follow Abraham’s teaching.
The name “Jews” come from the word for “united” (“Yehudi”). It means that the main feature of a perfectly functioning Jewish society is unity. This is not communism, where everyone is supposed to be equal. Rather, it is a mosaic, which is more beautiful the more different pieces
... it includes. It sounds beautiful, but what we see now is that it is impossible for Jews to unite other than before some kind of serious threat.
I met with Joshua Goldstein, chairman of the US Division of Herut North America, to discuss the origins of anti-Semitism and the essence of being Jewish.
A mother cares for a baby because she gets satisfaction from it by her nature. But this isn't bestowal that the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about. With spiritual bestowal, I don't receive any benefit or material satisfaction - everything is aimed at the one to whom I wish to bestow.
Real bestowal isn't like bestowal in our world, which can happen even against my desire, out of fear or another calculation. This is not bestowal. Bestowal is when I have no personal benefit or satisfaction from it.