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“Is There a Substitute to Substance Abuse?” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Is There a Substitute to Substance Abuse?

On June 26, the UN marked the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The message of the Secretary-General for that day was, “We cannot allow the world’s drug problem to further shadow the lives of the tens of millions of people living through humanitarian crises. On this important day,” he suggested, “let us commit to lifting this shadow once and for all, and giving this issue the attention and action it deserves.” In my opinion, as long as people want to escape from life, and as long as drugs are so accessible, substance abuse and drug addiction will continue to plague humanity.

Life has always been tough. These days, it is even tougher for many, if not most of us. Because drugs are so accessible these days, teenagers and young adults who used to “get away from it all” by drinking or smoking, now do it with drugs, and even hard drugs. It gives them a good high, disconnects their thoughts from the pitfalls of life, and allows them to feel relieved and happy, even if it is transitory and subsequently leads to deeper downs.

Besides, drugs are good business. Too many people in top positions make too much money for the discussion about eliminating drug abuse to be relevant.

By “top positions,” I am not talking about the addicts or the dealers. I am talking about policymakers in positions that pay top dollar, whose job is to decry the plague of drug and substance abuse, and do nothing but maintain their positions.

Like many other top brass, they view their job definition not as a mission to help humanity, but as feeding the cash cow and milking it dry. In the case of drugs, the cow feeds on more addicts, and the milk is the bloated budgets that organizations for “preventing drug abuse” receive in order to perpetuate the problem while pretending to fight it.

This is why, according to the UN’s own statistics, drug sales over the dark web nearly quadrupled between 2011-2020. If there were an intention to eliminate drug abuse, those who are at the top of the system would have long been fired. But since there is no such goal, those people are hailed as heroes and their budgets are bloated even more, to cope with the “escalating” crisis.

If we want to truly deal with the issue of drug abuse, we first need to decide what we want to do with addicts. Do we want them to live, or do we want them to vanish? If it is the latter, authorities must provide them with proper conditions to live out their lives until they are gone. If we cannot convince people that there is more to life than escaping from it, we should at least enable them to escape life with dignity until they are gone.

At the same time, we should make drugs inaccessible, as simple as that. That is, if we are willing to cull the well-paying jobs of those in charge of “fighting” against drug abuse. If we genuinely choose to eliminate drugs, we should eliminate access to them. This is the first step.

Then, we should offer a substitute. Not everyone will want it, but we should nevertheless offer a substitute that can satisfy the need that pushes at least some of the people into drug abuse and other forms of escapism.

The substitute that we should offer drug users is supportive human connections. Just as the veterans from Vietnam, many of whom were heavy drug users while in service, stopped once they returned to their families, we should offer the same feeling to current addicts.

This feeling of family warmth, acceptance, and the knowledge that people care about you, is the ingredient that is being depleted from society at the fastest rate. And without confidence and a sense of security, people will be afraid to face life and will opt for escapism. Human connection is the only antidote to drug abuse. It does not cost a thing, it does not pay top dollar, it has very poor PR, but it works like a charm. Making people feel welcome and safe will make them hooked on life.

“What Hamas Leader Knows, and What He Doesn’t” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “What Hamas Leader Knows, and What He Doesn’t

A few days ago, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinians to prepare to return to Palestine. He declared that Israel is in a state of political disintegration that reflects the dead-end to which the Zionist enterprise has come. “The beginning of defeat,” he said, “is disintegration from within.” Haniyeh added that because of it, the Palestinians are “at a time of victories, and a generation of great changes.” While his observations are correct, he does not know that from the place where Israel falls, from that same place it rises.

In many ways, Haniyeh is like Haman from the biblical story of Esther. As with Haman, Israel will suffer more and more blows from the wicked, who will grow stronger and stronger and become ever more confident. As with Haman, in the end the Jews will unite and everything that the wicked one has built will turn against him.

For the time being, Israel is indeed disintegrated. We are a divided society whose views range from one extreme to the other on every single issue. We are wholly divided on the issue of the conflict with the Palestinians. We are equally divided on the issue of imposing religious laws, on identity politics and wokeness, and on anything that concerns more than one person.

We know we are divided but we do not care. We do not care even when our worst enemy tells us that this is why we are weak. When will we wake up? On the edge of the precipice.

When we wake up, we will realize that all our divisions are incentives to unite. Since we do not want to unite, and instead choose division and derision, our separation worsens, our enemies point out that this is our weakness, and warn us that they will defeat us because of our division.

Now that our division is well in place, as are the warnings of our enemies, we must decide whether to heed the warnings and unite, or wait for the whip to lash and painfully force us to rise above our mutual aversion. If we choose unity before we are whipped, no lashes will be necessary. The sooner we move toward each other, the sooner the world will understand that the reason they hated us was our disunity, and that unity is our protection from hatred, our guarantee of safety.

“The Summer Break Should Not Be a Break” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “The Summer Break Should Not Be a Break

Israel has a lot of children. Out of approximately nine million people, 2.5 million are younger than 18. Tomorrow, July 1st, they will all begin a two-month summer break. While many teenagers work during the summer, many do not, and they and the rest of the children in Israel are idle most of the summer, looking for things to do with their time. This is very bad for them and for society. If I had a say about it, there would not be a break. The summer would be used to provide children with extras: fun sports, exciting science lessons, improving social connections, and understanding what it means to be Jewish, and, in particular, Israeli.

The last two items on the list—improving social connections and understanding what it means to be an Israeli—actually go together. Children should not be oblivious to the world they live in. They should know the purpose of their existence and their goal in life since childhood. This will give them orientation and prevent confusion, frustration, and depression.

Children need to understand the system that binds us all together. Specifically, Israeli children need to understand the role of the people of Israel, since as Israelis, they bear the responsibility to do what the world needs the State of Israel to do: exemplify unity.

This is also why it is important to teach children, especially Israeli children, how to nurture good social connections from a very early age. They need to know not only how to be friendly to others, but why disagreements between them occur, how to relate to them, and how to actively overcome conflicts between them.

In order to help Israeli children accept the responsibility they bear, they must be made to feel proud that they have been given such a worthy task, to be a model of unity for humanity. At the same time, they need to learn that the bonding between them is not for their own sake, but for the sake of humankind.

I am writing about the program I would propose because although Israeli children are “born into” the responsibility, as is proven by the fact that the world blames Israel for every problem in the world, the necessity to learn to get along applies to all of humanity.

When every country in the world is tied to every other country, it is essential that we all learn to improve our social ties and understand the purpose of our existence. Teaching children why the world exists, why their social relationships are so important to the survival of humanity, how to maintain and even improve good relationships will not only impact children, but will also have a positive impact on adult society.‎

Granted, summer break should not be all work and no play, but this program is vital for the children. It should include sports games, exciting science lessons, and they should also have free time. But by the end of summer, when the children return to school, they should be better, more educated individuals than when they left for the summer.

“Is it possible to love your enemy?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is it possible to love your enemy?

There is no such thing as a person who does not hate his enemies. However, along with the hatred that we feel for our enemies, we need to also scrutinize how we can reach a state where we will love them. The uniqueness of such an approach is that with our power of good and love, we can force our enemy to love us.

Why then do we find that it is not enough for the good currently within us to overpower our enemies? We first need to build small groups with people who want to be in a common tendency to love others as themselves, where in those groups, we treat each other in a good and kind way.

Therefore, it is possible to love our enemies by exercising the love of others in small cells or groups, and gradually such a process would build a major force that would instill goodness and love even into our enemies. The wisdom of Kabbalah has a lot of material on this topic, and it provides a practical method by which we can reach such a state.

Based on the video “Is it Possible to Love Your Enemies?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Patience and Perseverance

532First of all, we need patience. I am on the path, I have to walk a few more miles to reach my goal, and so today I have to move forward at least an inch. Therefore, I have to be patient.

This patience must be dynamic, that is, effective, so that I understand that I am steadily taking another step and another step forward. I have to feel that every day I am going over new discernments. What did not work out yesterday, I am trying to do today, and I see it as advancement.

Even if I despair from the lack of success and criticize the path, this is already a success because yesterday I did not feel that there wasn’t any success, I did not understand that I was making a mistake and was not progressing. And today I feel it, and this is a part of the progress.

It is impossible to advance in any other way. Advancement always happens on the basis of descents, and problems, and revelation of the shattering. If there is no shattering, then there is nothing to correct and nowhere to advance. Therefore, the shattering was arranged even before our creation, and then we began to exist from a small informational gene (Reshimo), which began to develop.

However, here you have to be very consistent so that at the very moment you feel a lack of success, be ready to immediately continue.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/22, Writing of Rabash, Article 164 “What to Ask of the Creator – to Be His Servant”

We Are All At the Mercy of Microchips

571.03Question: It turns out that the whole world is at the mercy of microchips. Now they are critically lacking everywhere: in healthcare, in the automotive industry, robotics, in everything. How is it that we are so dependent on them?

Answer: Because everything works according to the same system: one – zero, zero – one. The microchip connects it all. It is very simple.

Question: Are microchips everywhere today?

Answer: Everywhere, of course. How can you do anything today without this information?

Question: How did we not foresee this?

Answer: No, we were seriously working on it. We knew we had to do it this way.

Comment: We were building them. We were building the main enterprises in Taiwan, technology in America, and suddenly something doesn’t add up, and the whole world is standing still. And now it can stop altogether.

My Response: The whole world will not stop because China will not allow it.

Question: But, in principle, do you agree that almost everything is tied to microchips now?

Answer: Everything is tied up on a microchip, of course! It is very good. But the fact is that this is not a simple industry. This is not something that America will take over today and start making tomorrow.

We need to work on it, make it. It’s not something that is passed down from generation to generation like pottery or anything else. So this is a very serious obstacle, one might say, a “trap” for humanity.

In general, today’s technology requires internal development. I can be an artist, I can be a poet, and we can be “in the field of ballet ahead of the whole planet,” but this will not help!

Question: Microchip is needed?

Answer: Yes, we need a microchip. The Taiwanese can make microchips. Take someone else, a European, he can’t!

We see that nature prepares such traps for us that we will have to change involuntarily. And we need to change ourselves! Or at least we will be forced to find out what we need to change and maybe not be able to.

Question: Can we come to some kind of “spiritual microchip”? Have we been led to this?

Answer: The spiritual microchip is a connection. Nothing else. Exactly the way microchip works: zero – one. That’s it.

Question: Does the microchip also work on this principle, on connection?

Answer: Only. The connection of duality, meaning, opposites.

Question: Is it the same with the spiritual microchip? A connection of opposites?

Answer: Yes, above both opposite phenomena.

Comment: That is, one way or another, the result is still the same and the conclusion, we are being led to this.

My Response: We are led in such a way that we will just lie down and agree to be “chipped,” meaning to be connected to each other so that something smart is formed.

Just as microchips are the center, the brain and the heart, of the device, so our connection is the brain and center of the arrangement of the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

The Effectiveness of Spiritual Work

530The effectiveness of spiritual work depends on how much I feel its importance and the support of the environment. This means, I am connected with a group that is constantly undergoing changes in such a dynamic that we feel as if we are in a single boat sailing through a raging sea. Yet, we are heading toward the cherished goal, the promised shore.

The main thing is to realize that we are inside the field of the upper force that controls us and arranges everything both from within and from without; it changes us, confuses us, hinders us, and helps us. It plays with us like an adult does with a child, trying to awaken in us all kinds of desires and thoughts that contribute to our development so that the child grows up and becomes ready for the future adult life.

This is the help we want to receive from the Creator through the friends in the ten in order to advance spiritually.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/22, Writing of Rabash, Article 164 “What to Ask of the Creator – to Be His Servant”

“Will the James Webb telescope see outside the observable universe?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will the James Webb telescope see outside the observable universe?

The James Webb Telescope can give us a view of more of the physical universe than what we previously saw, but not the forces that control matter, the spiritual forces.

Although the telescope is celebrated as a major feat of engineering, since the human ego is the base driving force behind its construction, then we will only see matter, and not the much greater forces that exist above matter.

The universe was created by forces that are above matter, above human egoistic forces, and to truly discover the deeper secrets of the universe, how it works, and what really goes on in the universe, we need to rise above the human ego, perceiving and sensing through the force of bestowal. Then, in such a newfound connection, in our new sense of bestowal, we will be able to discover the force of good that dwells in the universe and in the whole of reality, including where we are right here and now. Moreover, we will be able to work with the force of bestowal and bring nature’s forces closer to ourselves in a way that benefits us all, knowing how everything works, and for what purpose.

Based on the video “Why Kabbalists Are Unimpressed With the James Webb Telescope” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

What Can I Ask for Myself?

43Rabash writes that if a person prays for himself, then he elicits punishment on himself by this action because he thinks about himself and not about others.

How can you, while in an integrated system, think about yourself? This completely negates its integrality.

You should only pray for the things that are most necessary for you, that make it possible to exist and maintain the integrality of the whole system. Then it is called necessary and sufficient.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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Then We Will Become Jews

281.02Comment: From a letter: “I am listening to Laitman, but his main message is that the Jews are at the root of everything, they must do the right thing and then everyone will be fine. I would like to get an explanation then. Is Kabbalah for Jews or for the whole world?”

My Response: Kabbalah is given for everyone who should strive to attain the meaning of life and realize it on themselves. And then they will all be called Jews.

Jews, this is from the word “Ever,” “transition.” The transition from one attainment, attitude to the universe to another.

Question: When both you and the wisdom of Kabbalah are given offensive nicknames, and they say that we are dragging people in and so on, are you offended?

Answer: No, I have been doing this all my life. I want all people on Earth, without distinction, to “fall into my net.”

These are sensory, mental nets that pull the heart and pull the mind of a person in such a way that he, after all, begins to dig for the meaning of life without paying attention to any persuasions, elaborate explanations, and threats: “Well, look what will happen!” when he wishes to reach the truth.

These are the nets a person must fall into.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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Special Period of Development

963.1Special souls are descending into our world now because we are in the last stages of correctionIn the past, we went through a lot of stages in descending from the upper world through five worlds. From the point of higher energy we developed together with our universe, then with the Earth and the geological processes it went through, and then through the evolutionary development of vegetative and animate nature, we came to the appearance of a man. And human history also spans hundreds of thousands of years.

Only today, in our generation, for the first time do we begin to rise from below upward, reveal our true existence, and try to pass from our world to the upper world to be born in it.

We are like in a womb in our world and we must mature in it. This is the completion of our development.

Now we are at the last stage of development, so it is becoming more conscious. People have questions and dissatisfaction with what they have. All this accumulates up to the point where we feel how nature itself presses on us, and we seem to squeeze ourselves out of this world and pass through the birth canal to the upper world.

This state is very stressful. In Kabbalah, it is characterized as the last state before the birth of all mankind. Therefore, it is not surprising that what we are experiencing now is a special period of development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/22

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The Inner World of an Autistic Person

631.5Question: Can autistic people be engaged in correcting their soul?

Answer: Yes, there is no problem. There are of course, different degrees of correction, in a similar way as how ordinary people have different levels of development of the soul and their “I,” their human essence. After all, there are people who do not understand this and live automatically, there are more developed people, and there are those who already want to develop spiritually.

The same thing is true for autistic people. Among them are individuals who are in very deep inner processes, there are those who are between the two states, and there are those who are unable to carry out spiritual processes, i.e., they act like most people in our world who mechanically deal with a narrow specific area such as mathematics or computers.

This attracts them since these are absolute things that are in their control, do not involve contact with other people, and are not under the control or changes of others.

This gives them a sense of security, a base from which they can walk, and somewhere they can find themselves, like a closed room, like something of mine, my order, and everything in which I keep myself. Otherwise, they simply do not understand and will, in a sense, fly away. For them, this condition is very disturbing because they yearn to be only in a limited space.

It is the same with math and computers. A place that has a very clear question and answer and rigid communication is clear for them, understandable, and therefore attractive.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Special Territory” 5/17/11

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The Philadelphia Experiment

222Comment: Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The US Military refute this incident. The urban legend holds that huge electromagnetic fields, which, if properly configured, would cause the light and radio waves to bypass the destroyer and the ship would disappear.

If we can trust some information, this experiment is based on Einstein’s “unified field theory.” According to his close friend and colleague Dr. Russell, Einstein nevertheless finished the “unified field theory,” but claimed that people were not ready for it and would mature only after the end of the Third World War.

Is it necessary to wait for the Third World War to reveal this law of the “unified field” to humanity?

My Response: Probably, yes. Maybe it will teach humanity something. But, of course, I am not a supporter of such a dramatic development of events and acute experiments.

Indeed, Einstein conducted experiments with the “Eldridge” and the light field, when objects disappear before our eyes. They themselves do not disappear, but disappear only from our sight. However, what does it mean “it disappears from the outside or not”? What do we have besides sight?

All these experiments are very strong, big, and great. Einstein, of course, revealed many things and still did not revealed many other things to us. This is clear from his statements.

From all this, we can say that humanity should receive a bludgeon or a slingshot in accordance with what level it is at. Of course, the methods of extermination that we have at our disposal today do not allow us to sleep peacefully. It would be better if our neighbors had bludgeons and slingshots. We would be able to stand against them. But with what we have today…

It is indeed possible that a third world war is ahead of us. Einstein was right that without a clear recognition of suffering, that is, without an understanding of where it stems from, humanity will not grow.

According to Kabbalah, not only a third, but also a fourth world war can happen. Imagine that even after the third one there will still be something left and the fourth one is also possible.

However, there is an opportunity to reach the correction in another way.

A world war itself will not give anything. If it passes over us like over animals, then animals suffer and die. Humanity, however, must realize that it is suffering because it has this egoistic quality, which in no way will allow it to exist normally either here or in any other conditions.

It is necessary to bring a person to such a state. We hope that we will be able to do this through the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah explains to humanity the meaning of life, the meaning of nature, a clear law of global interconnection. It follows from them that we need only one thing: to reach an absolute balance between us and nature. This is the basic law of nature—the law of homeostasis. Only then will we live comfortably and safely.

When we reach such a balance, we begin to feel the inner power of nature, an exit to another level of it, and to see that our life is perfect and eternal. Eternal!

That is, the ascent above the level of time and death is what Einstein assumed in his experiment, but did not want to show it to humanity because people would use these forces completely from the other, egoistic side.

In order to come to the correct use of the forces that he engaged in the Philadelphia Experiment, it is necessary to mature. Therefore, he said that after the Third World War it would be possible to reveal something to shallow egoistic people, but not before that.

We hope that first we will present them with general knowledge about nature, about what we can actually reveal if we unite with each other, and then humanity will have a perspective, which is, eternity, perfection, harmony, and knowledge of how to come to this through connection with each other.

Nowadays, we are already very close to beginning to understand this.

I hope that, after all without a Third World War, we will bring humanity to a state where we can give it the idea of existing above time and space, something that Einstein wanted to confirm with the Philadelphia Experiment.
From KabTV’s “Close up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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Experts Are Predicting Famine

219.01Comment: Experts are actively predicting an impending global famine. 2021 was a terrible year because the pandemic caused the number of hungry people in the world to grow by 25%. The year 2022 promises to be even worse as a consequence of war. A triple crisis is therefore expected: food, energy, and finances. As a result, they say 2023 will be the most terrible. Experts write about it, but somehow we do not hear it. It is almost as if we do not care.

My Response: What can we do?

Comment: Be scared at least. Stock up, fill the barns with food.

My Response: I think that is pointless. A famine is not happening for us to fill our store rooms, barns, drawers in the kitchen, etc. But we need to understand how we can realistically ensure abundance in the world.

Question: So all these messages come to us specifically to reach this conclusion?

Answer: Of course. How will we handle this? If we are talking about the world, then we need to try to understand the world economy, the state of the world.

Comment: I can barely understand what is happening in my home, my home economics.

My Response: You cannot escape this! They are talking about years and not that you will be short of some beverages over the next month.

Question: You say “to understand the world economy.” Who are you calling out to, the big economists or every person?

Answer: To the people, absolutely, definitively, straight to the people.

Question: So what should I understand when I constantly see reports of an impending famine?

Answer: They are right; the world is in danger of famine. A prolonged period of famine! Lingering famine!

Up to a point that the Bible tells us that mothers will eat their babies, their children. That is how severe it will be, it will reduce us to the level of animals.

Question: When I hear this, what should I do? Why do I need all this? Why am I told all this?

Answer: For you to seriously concern yourself with how to avoid this famine and what is causing it. Then you will see that its only cause is our terrible human imbalance and the fact that we are not doing what we should.

We must reach a mutual understanding among us. We need to establish ties among us that would help reach balance. But we are NOT doing it. On the contrary, we are regressing—we want to rock the boat we are all in. So, the world is naturally heading toward periods of famine, destruction, and so on.

Question: Is it in one’s power to hear this and change the trajectory, to suddenly stop it?

Answer: They can hear it, but they cannot alter it. They cannot change it because to hear it and to accept such an eventuality is one thing. Let atomic bombs and everything else fall from the sky. So what? “If we die, it is in an instant.”

Question: If you say, “I can hear it, but I cannot stop it,” then what is all this for? Why?

Answer: To really frighten us so that we still change ourselves and thereby change the world. That is the only reason for it.

Question: How does this change occur? What is the catalyst? Is it some leader that will appear? Is it humanity that starts screaming?

Answer: There should be a leader. It is hard to make it work in our world without one. It should be someone the world would accept as their leader and follow, someone who would talk about unification and how we can overcome this period of famine. Naturally, this only works if people listen to him. The hunger will likely force them to.

Question: You still believe the famine will happen and force them to listen?

Answer: Undoubtedly! It will, but it will pass.

He will lead humanity to the fact that after this induced hunger people will be different. They will have a different attitude to life, to its values. They will understand that the most important thing is to survive and will understand what to survive for! This is the most important question.

Question: Even in the Torah, it is written: “Hunger forced us to descend into Egypt.” And there was famine. Later, there were many famines, forced hunger strikes, wars, and so on and on. It has led humanity to nothing; humanity has not learned anything.

Why do you think that now we come to some understanding and hear something, then something will change? What kind of times are we living in?

Answer: It is the period of preparation for the recognition of evil. We are preparing to attain evil.

Question: Couldn’t we do this before?

Answer: No! Even now, we are not there yet, but we are gradually approaching it. It takes enormous suffering to sense evil, to define it, to attain it, and draw conclusions from it.

Question: And you feel this is the time?

Answer: Not yet, but it is getting closer.

Question: So what conclusions do you draw about us being at such crossroads? We were not there before, but now you tell us we are here. What are the signs?

Answer: Well, we are speaking in the right way. We no longer hide behind all sorts of slogans, we no longer believe in abstract values. We have already thrown it all away. We are only interested in one thing—is there a meaning to life or not? If not, let’s assume there is not, then how can we live this life on the animal level the right way.

Question: Do you feel we have come to this today?

Answer: We have, yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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The United Body of Humanity

510.01Comment: Today there is only a very thin layer of people who feel, understand, and think about the meaning of life.

My Response: And the rest do not desire to do this and instead exist automatically. Ninety percent of people on earth do not know why and how they live at all and they just feed and reproduce offsprings. Only a small portion of people live with questions about the meaning of life and understand the why, how, and what in regards to the nature of their existence. There are very few of them, a couple of million on Earth.

But everyone should be corrected because we represent a huge single body in which there is flesh, various organs, and a small brain, and in the brain resides a small ball that controls everything, a kind of microprocessor. There is nothing else. Everything else is the body as subordinate to it.

That’s how everyone else is. They should just realize that there is no other way and that they need to listen to this little brain: “I want to listen to it, I have to! I want to cling to it, join it, grab hold of it, and thus ensure a good life for myself.” That is all. They are at such an animal level that they need no more than that.

And only the ones that can realize, understand, and absorb the whole picture of creation and all its greatness, scheme, and system are the conduits of light into our world for all the less fortunate people.

These special ones do not live for themselves, but for the whole of humanity. And the whole of humanity exists for each other through the reception of light from above from a small brain system that enables us to live mutually harmoniously even without understanding or realizing all the enormous work that is being done in connection between everyone—in one common soul.

As a result, we will all come to complete correction and will gradually rise to the next degree of the feeling of the universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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From an Unconscious State to Conscious

715Question: What happens in the feeling of my present “I” when I reach the spiritual level of perception?

Answer: Your current “I” is associated with all the great volume of desires and thoughts. You feel that it includes absolutely all of creation. All the worlds, the entire “Adam” are you.

Kabbalah says that initially such a structure was created in which the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are perfect, created by light, the Creator, the upper force.

But in order to give this structure the opportunity to experience itself to a full measure, as if to recognize itself anew so as to feel equal to the force that created it, meaning to the Creator, and become independent, it is necessary to exit this state into the absolute opposite of it, from a perfect state to an imperfect one, to separate yourself from it completely and only then begin to realize who you are, and gradually correct this separation by yourself.

For example, if we give a person all the kindest, best things and fill his life with everything he wants, then he takes this for granted. He is not inspired, he does not enjoy, he is not impressed. He has everything and this is the norm for him.

Let’s pull him out of this state so that he would feel what it means to be the opposite of it, let’s give him the opportunity to evaluate by himself the difference between both states and gradually approach a good state, but with his own efforts, to earn it.

At the same time, a constant impression from a bad state remains in him, he recognizes it more and more clearly. Approaching the good state, he sees a more comfortable, happy, eternal state compared to the opposite one, and increasingly feels the difference between them. Earning this good state on his own, he does not lose the bad one. Thus, by connecting two parts together, absolutely bad and absolutely good, he feels them one against the other.

Then he has a perception from minus infinity to plus infinity, and he really feels that he is an absolute. This, in principle, is what the Creator, the upper force, wanted to give us in sensation.

When we come to this state, when all the negative and positive come together and complement each other in one universal perfect harmony, this is the state of complete correction.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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Why Are We Created to Be so Different?

423.01Comment: The famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, believed that problems get solved when one begins to understand that conflicts often arise due to different ways of perceiving the world, rather than egocentrism or malicious intent.

My Response: Naturally. We are all different, otherwise we would not be “we,” but a single copy of man. Therefore if we say that some of our opinions coincide, it is because we take the liberty to compare our opinions and conclude that they are the same.

But actually this comes from the fact that we cannot measure or somehow elucidate them in order to recognize that there are never two identical states, opinions, and so on.

Question: In fact there is no malicious intent here; there are different perceptions that we are not able to coincide in the first place. But don’t we have to somehow come to an agreement?

Answer: It depends on your goals.

Question: What is the purpose of such a system, i.e., the laws by which everything is made?

Answer: The reason we were made so differently by the Creator is so we would come to understand that we are the same, and even more, that we are one whole.

Question: What will it give a person?

Answer: The truth.

Question: What will it give the Creator?

Answer: People having revealed Him in truth.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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If We Want to Live like Humans

962.3In order to reach adhesion with the Creator, we need a strong desire, which we do not have. Desires are revealed from the entirety of the shattered souls, and therefore, they cannot be strong because everything is fractured. Therefore, some small particle from the common soul awakens here and there thanks to which a person awakens.

This general awakening is caused by the surrounding light that is waiting for us to create a place for it where it can really be revealed. Due to this surrounding light, we find ourselves connected to each other and receive the opportunity to gather into a group and study Kabbalah. All this is in order to increase our desires.

After all, our desires are very small and they are also not directed correctly. We do not know where we exist and for what purpose. It is like a small child who does not know where he is, hut has parents who know exactly what is happening to him and what needs to be done with him, and how to take care of him so that he grows up healthy.

Therefore, if we want to grow spiritually, we are brought to a group and taken through all kinds of states. By establishing correct relationships in the group, we aim ourselves in the right direction and thus advance.

Besides, we are at such an advanced stage of development that it ceases to be individual. That is, we are entering the era of what is called the last generation when all of humanity has to awaken. Today, an awakening of a small group or individual Kabbalists is no longer enough like it was in previous generations.

We must understand that we all belong to the same desire of Adam HaRishon, and we need to come closer and to become incorporated in it. Then we will see that the Creator helps us in more tangible way.

It is not by chance that such great hatred is being revealed in the world today, and it is flaring up more and more day by day. It would seem that this is absolutely not compatible with the high level of development of humanity, which should have already stopped all wars and be concerned with more exalted things.

But it will turn out the opposite. We will forget about space flights and high matters. If we do not start working on our connection, we will feel how humanity is sinking lower and lower every day and being immersed in sordid affairs. After all, the main thing we need to do is to connect everyone to the system of Adam HaRishon. If humanity learns about this method and understands why they were mistaken and were getting into difficult situations all the time, then they will come closer to correction in this way.

It is amazing that the further humanity advances in engineering, high tech, science, culture, and education, making such progress as if it can already reach the stars, at the same time, our life on planet Earth will become more and more miserable, appalling, and gloomy. We will look like bugs crawling in manure.

After all, if we do not advance toward connection, then all our other achievements will turn to our detriment and beat us. They will not allow us to develop correctly, and our life will be getting worse and worse.

However, the correction of egoism is impossible by simply overcoming it. We must connect above our egoism. That is, it is already useless today to fight against our egoism, like in previous generations when each person was developing individually.

In our time, there is only one way to defeat egoism: together, collectively. This field of connection, love, mutual care, and guarantee that we establish between us should save us and bring us to a new state. Otherwise, we will not succeed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/22, Shamati #153 “A Thought Is a Result of the Desire”

“Reopening Coal-fired Plants — When Hate Overpowers Common Sense” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Reopening Coal-fired Plants — When Hate Overpowers Common Sense

After decades of struggling to find climate-friendly alternatives to coal, Europe is forced to return to it after Russia cut its gas exports in retaliation for Europe’s sanctions against it. In a matter of weeks, years of work have been undone. Although this is supposedly a temporary measure, no one can say when gas supplies will be restored. And why has all this happened? Because of hate. The technology is there, the resources are there, but the hostility and enmity are also there, and when these are present, they always win. The only thing we need to fix in order to restore prosperity is our aversion to each other.

Now, because we cannot overcome our hatred, Russia is losing money because it stopped selling gas to Europe. Europe, too, is losing money because it cannot buy cheap gas, and will pollute the air because it will reopen coal-fired plants.

Likewise, there is an abundance of semiconductors, but some companies bought stocks of them in advance, and the rest of the world is fighting for the scraps. As a result, prices are rising the world over, production and shipments are heavily delayed, and countries that want to protect themselves from other country’s selfishness are forced to start manufacturing what they need for themselves, if they can.

Globalization has been good for us. It provided abundant cheap supplies of things we could not produce ourselves, or at least not at an affordable price. Now, for no other reason than hate, humanity is being set back decades, if not centuries, as some of the most technologically advanced countries have to choose between electricity from coal or no electricity at all.

Even worse, that same hate is causing massive shortages of wheat. What if the climate in a particular country is unsuitable for growing wheat? Will people in that country be forced to turn to cornbread or potatoes as a source of carbohydrates? Will they have to switch to a protein based diet and live on meat?

And what if this crisis spreads to the transportation sector? The semiconductor crisis has already affected manufacturing. What if other essential elements are delayed, as well? Would we return ‎to horse and carriage? Can we even do that?

And what about medicine? How can humanity provide adequate medicine without instruments that are manufactured all over the world, and without effective shipment?

If we are wise, we will use the reopening of coal-fired plants as the canary in the mine, if you will. It is a warning sign that we have no choice but to start cultivating truly positive relationships if we want human civilization to survive.

We can make the coming years peaceful and prosperous. But for this to happen, we have to turn our focus from cleaning the air, the water, and the ground, to cleaning our hearts from hatred of each other. Hatred pollutes and kills more than all other pollutants combined.

A Speck of Spiritual Pleasure

232.07Question: Kabbalistic sources say that if we sum up the pleasure of all people throughout the history of human existence, then one gram of spiritual pleasure will be much greater than the pleasure of all people ever existed on Earth. How can this be?

Answer: The fact is that a single contact with the Creator covers all other types of study, it includes absolutely everything that a person could ever have felt.

Question: If so, then everyone should be eager to reveal the Creator now?

Answer: No, no one has such a desire. We desire what supposedly exists close to us and attracts us. While this does not seem to exist for us nor attract us.

Question: Why is the Creator Himself not interested in our revealing Him? Why doesn’t He stir this desire in us?

Answer: He does stir it, but gradually in order to preserve our freedom of will.

Question: Does one who reveals the Creator constantly experiencing such pleasure?

Answer: Of course. It is the highest form of pleasure that completely fills a person. And then a new desire is revealed, an empty one. So a person strives to fill it too. Thus one advances from a small pleasure to a greater and greater one in the way of revealing emptiness within himself.

If you take the pleasure of all ants and compare it to a human pleasure, then one second of human-level pleasure when you love someone, let’s say a child, is much greater in quality than all the ants’ combined. It is the same with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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