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“If Science Could Provide Longevity, We Would Need to Ask Why” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “If Science Could Provide Longevity, We Would Need to Ask Why

A story published on the Hebrew edition of Israel Hayom states that a research conducted by RAMBAM hospital and Technion — Israel Institute of Technology claims to have found that injecting a protein called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGF-A) opens the door to rejuvenating the skin of elderly people, and perhaps even making internal organs younger. Assuming this were possible and life could be extended significantly, if not indefinitely, we would have to ask ourselves what for, since without a good purpose in life, we will not want to go on living.

I would not mind taking such a pill or getting a shot that would rejuvenate my body. I have dedicated the past four decades of my life to spreading the method of connection around the world, hoping to help people improve their lives. I have no grievances about what I have accomplished, but judging by the state of the world, much more work needs to be done, so I would welcome another couple of decades to continue my efforts.

This is true not only for me. Any person who has a chance to advance humanity’s well-being and happiness must want such a gift, as it enables him or her to do more good.

As a whole, however, I do not see that people want to extend their lives beyond a certain limit. What for? People who have reached their golden years are generally quite calm about their lives and the approaching end.

The only reason for the frantic search for a fountain of youth is to sell it for profit. Perhaps some people are truly interested in finding this wellspring of eternal life, but I have yet to see anything good coming out of it. Therefore, I cannot say that if such a product were to be made, it would be in great demand.

There is no doubt that science can make life easier, make us healthier, and live longer. But what for? Just over a hundred years ago, people lived approximately forty years on average. Now they live twice as long, but what has humanity gained? There are four times more people, the ground has been polluted, the air, too, and the same goes for water. What have we gained thanks to our forty extra years? What will we gain if we gain another forty years? What will people know at 120 that they do not know at 80? Fear of death in and of itself is not a justification for extending life indefinitely.

While there is no meaning to an endless life, the fear of death does have a purpose. It makes us search for the meaning of life.

When we search for the purpose of our existence, we find that it has nothing to do with prolonging the existence of our physical bodies. Moreover, as long as all we want is to extract hedonistic pleasures, thinking only of ourselves, life will never be eternal. At some point, we will grow tired of the endless self-indulgence and either search for a deeper meaning to life or simply grow tired of the chase. When the latter happens, our passion gradually wanes, our zest for life dims, and we gradually wither until we pass away, with or without an elixir that guarantees eternity.

Our life is like a cup that we fill up with satisfactions. When the cup fills up, nothing more can enter it and our lives end.

Alternatively, when we wish to help others fill their cups, we become conduits that stream vitality to others. Think of the satisfaction a mother feels when she sees her child enjoying the food she had prepared or a new gift she had bought. The mother’s delight is far more intense and rewarding than that of her child. In fact, her delight gives her fuel for giving more, and more, and more.

This endless giving, endless outpour of delight that one can give to another, has no boundaries. Just as the mother feels with her child, we can feel this with all of humanity. And because it is unbounded, it is eternal. Just as the mother’s energy comes from the joy she has given to her child, because giving generates endless vitality, it generates eternal life. This is the meaning of eternity.

Giving, in short, is the fountain of youth that scientists are seeking. It is the one thing that never dies, and never fills to the brim.

“What Breeds Ongoing Violence in the U.S.?” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “What Breeds Ongoing Violence in the U.S.?

America hardly recuperates from the shock of a mass shooting in a certain city when a new incident takes place somewhere else. Seven people were killed and more than 30 wounded in the shooting perpetrated by a 21-year-old man at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Gun violence in America has become no less than a social epidemic, and as with any other illness of such magnitude it is important to find the right treatment from the root cause of the problem.

Jacki Sundheim, a senior staffer at a local synagogue and Nicolas Toledo, a grandfather from Mexico, were among the fatal victims of the senseless parade attack by a gunman who according to the police acquired the guns legally. Undoubtedly, it is important to keep guns away from unstable, dangerous individuals, but the gun violence epidemic goes beyond laws and regulations since those willing to cause harm will always find ways to achieve their sinister goals.

In order to offer a true solution, we have to go beyond the symptoms of the problem. Human beings are social creatures and individuals cannot be separated from their culture when we are trying to understand a behavior that repeats itself. It is true that in America it is easy to purchase firearms, but what pulls the trigger is the growing egoism and division in American society.

In such a social climate of “every man for himself,” tension and frustration accumulate daily until people with violent tendencies explode in cruel ways. In their unbalanced minds a mass shooting is a way to “fix” the system and compensate for their fears and insecurities.

Lack of meaning and purpose in life are also key triggers. More and more people have no idea what they live for, and life with no meaning and purpose makes human life lose its importance and preciousness. Mass shooters feel that human life is cheap and worthless, and the more this lack of direction spreads throughout society today, the more mass shooters surface.

The remedy to this problem is education. America must treat the deep cultural and social conditioning that breeds these events by initiating a massive federal educational program to infuse people from an early age with new examples, norms, and values. They should be regularly trained to cooperate, build trust, as well as develop social sensitivity to each other through workshops, discussion groups, and collaborative projects.

Education does not refer only to formal systems for providing and acquiring knowledge. The aim of education should not be to simply create a workforce of trained individuals. Education must now focus on cultivating the human being. This means building a value system within a person and an adequate social environment around a person to balance the human ego and direct it toward positive realization.

Such a state will never come about by simply drafting new laws, but only through a change in the way human nature operates in society. Instead of relating to each other through egoistic lenses, we need to learn and develop new supportive, encouraging, understanding attitudes to every person. In order to reach that level of positive change, society needs to forge meaningful and healthy connections through a new socio-educational shift, which will become doable and realistic when America realizes that it has had enough suffering and it is time for an integral solution.

Could Humanity Develop Without Suffering?

222Now it is vitally important for us to examine nature’s Mitzvot, to know what it demands of us, lest it would mercilessly punish us. (Baal HaSulam “The Peace”)

Question: Could humanity develop in a different way and move from degree to degree without any particular problems and suffering in an easier form?

Answer: Humanity could develop in a different way, more correctly, if people understood what exactly is said in the Torah, what the science of Kabbalah wants to convey to them, and applied this knowledge to their development.

An alternative path exists, but only starting from a certain degree in the history of mankind.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/24/22

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“Tree” in the Spiritual Sense

632.3Comment: Rabash has an article about Tu B’shevat (the new year of trees) in which he tells how to care for trees, prepare the soil, fertilize, do something with the roots, remove dry branches. It is clear that we are talking about a tree inside a person, i.e., about his inner work.

My Response: Indeed, in order to get good fruits from trees, a lot of work must be done around them. Citing trees as an example, Rabash as if addresses a person who must grow himself to become a fruitful tree.

For example: to prepare the ground means to prepare the right environment around you. To fertilize the soil means to bring good, nice books and games to a person with the help of which he could develop correctly.
Removing dry branches means removing what will not bring any good fruit so that it does not interfere with progress.

Question: Could it have been described in another way?

Answer: No. Rabash gives such a beautiful and complete example, which is amazing.

Question: There is a book The Tree of Life, which was written by the greatest Kabbalist of the 16th century, the Ari. What is it about?

Answer: It is about the Creator’s governance of creations through all the worlds to our lowest world so that we can rise from this low state through all the worlds to the level of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/14/22

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Spiritual Volume

558Question: The spiritual world can be characterized as a comparison of incomparable, mutually negating manifestations. In our world, there is either hatred or love, which cannot exist at the same time. Whereas the spiritual world is built on the interaction of these opposites.

What is this phenomenon? It is written in the sources that it is for this reason the revelation of the Creator is such great pleasure.

Answer: The spiritual world is built on the fact that our egoistic desire forces us to start correcting it with the help of an altruistic intention.

Therefore, spiritual reception, in which egoistic desire and altruistic intention are combined, gives us such huge opportunities for cognition and expansion of consciousness, states we can define, evaluate, weigh, and experience completely new units of measurement called Aviut (thickness of desire), Masach (screen), Ohr Hozer (reflected light)—units, with which the science of Kabbalah operates.

These opposite states give spiritual volume. There is no volume at the material level, as only one side prevails.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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Two Desires Engaged With The Thought Of Creation

275The main thing that we lack is connection, at least in something. Baal HaSulam writes that the entire world is entering a state called the last generation where everyone should be connected with each other. Whether we want it or not, the upper governance will always spin us around the connection between all people in the world.

We will see how different countries, companies, parties, and social organizations will be drawn into one whirlpool, connecting, colliding, and influencing each other. Day by day, this entire knot will become more and more confusing and seething because the world is moving toward universal connection.

Therefore, it will be necessary to find out what state we are in and to what extent we are opposite, not ready to hear each other, and doing completely different things. Until in the end, from this opposition, we will see that in fact there is no difference between us. It does not matter what each of us does, we must all unite.

It is like a family where everyone has their own responsibilities and their own profession. However, there is a circle that unites us, a family in which we grow up and learn to better understand and feel each other in order to build an environment for our existence day after day.

It does not matter what the mother does, who the father works for, and where the children study. After all, in addition to everyone’s personal activities, there is a common connection between them, which is called family. It does not matter that each of the family members is busy with their own business in the outside world, inside the family, we are connected as one.

This is how we need to see the connection between all people. There are many thousands of different companies, parties, and groups in the world, but we all have to feel that we are in the same system, in the same family. Despite the fact that everyone has their own activities outside of this system, there is something that connects us into one family.

In this family, we do not determine what kind of personal business everyone should do. It is only important to us that we feel like a family, like relatives, connected and dependent on each other.

We will see how day by day the upper governance, nature, and the program of evolution bind us more and more tightly together. We are increasingly dependent on each other and have no way to escape from this family. We need to write more about this until humanity understands that nature leaves us no choice; it pushes us to get acquainted with this system, and acknowledge that we all are one family.

We will really begin to see a relative belonging to this family in every inhabitant of this world and according to this, we will establish new relations between us. This will eliminate many problems on the path of our spiritual development because this is what the Creator wants from us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/25/22, Writing of Rabash, Questions in the Work

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The Creator Shines to Us through Friends

943Can love for the Creator be greater than love for friends? It simply cannot be that I treat the Creator better than my friends. After all, the friends are my spiritual Kli, as it is said: “And from the love of friends one can reach love of the Creator.”

Therefore, we must understand that just as much as we are drawn to the Creator, we must first of all strive to unite with our friends in the same way, and even more strongly. But in practice, it usually happens the other way around. A person strives for the Creator and this is his goal, but in his friends, according to his egoistic nature, in the ten, in love for his neighbor, he does not see the importance.

We begin our journey with the desire to find the upper force that controls us. But we gradually begin to discover that we need a spiritual Kli, which is based on love for friends, unity, and a sense of the importance of all mankind. It turns out that the attitude toward our neighbor becomes more important to us than the attitude toward the Creator.

Although the Creator is more important, is the ultimate goal, the Creator is everything, at the same time, the importance of friends is revealed to us because if the Creator shines on us, it is through them. It turns out that friends are becoming more and more important to me, and I am building such an image of the group in my heart so that it becomes my Kli where I will reveal the Creator and my attitude toward Him.

Therefore, the question: “Can love for the Creator be greater than love for friends” requires a very simple answer: today, the group is most important to us. Although the ultimate goal, meaning, the Creator, always stands before us as a guiding star, we can reach this guiding star only in the chariot called the ten.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/30/22, Lesson on the Topic “Fear”

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There, Where Egoism Rules

115.06Question: The German philosopher, Johann Gottfried von Herder wrote that the moral upbringing of people in a spirit of justice, humanism, and aversion to war is necessary to achieve eternal peace.

Overall, throughout the ages, it has been recognized that it is necessary to re-educate people in a way so it would be possible to establish peace. Why have they still not become re-educated?

Answer: Because it is impossible. Don’t history and experience speak of it? Egoism, contradictions between people, mutual hatred, rejection, and thirst for power all is incurable, and we are unable to do anything about it! We must accept it and look for another way for how we can work with this correctly and how we can transform despicable and abhorrent qualities into beneficial ones.

Here one needs to add the outer force that can correct egoism into altruism. Then we will receive the altruistic force that does not exist in our world. We only suspect that it might, but it does not. However, egoism does exist.

The only thing that exists in our world is the egoistic force and there is no opposite to it. We kind of wish it existed, but in truth, we don’t desire it. We simply think that yes, it would be good. However, we see that it cannot happen.

What can we do to find the kind and unifying force, which is opposite to egoism, in our world? There is nothing else we need besides this force.

Until that happens, do not force people, do not try to do something kind and good with them. Nothing will work! In the end, every time they will bump into their egoism, which develops more and more, and it will be destroying everything that they will try to do.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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“How do I overcome stagnation in all aspects of my life?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I overcome stagnation in all aspects of my life?

By realizing the positive process taking place when we feel that our lives are in stagnation, and contemplating questions such as what we had before reaching a stagnant state, what we will get later, what we would want to have, and why we feel that we get stuck.

We are in a process of life that has a start and an end. We undergo various experiences and states during this process, and a state cannot change unless it reaches its end, from which it gives birth to a new state; and once again the process continues until that state reaches its end and gives birth to the next one.

Sometimes, we have relatively smooth transitions between states, where we understand and feel how they pass with the help of various actions that we perform. Suppose that we are engaged in certain activities, whether we are at work or in the middle of some tasks that we set for ourselves, we sometimes feel as if we are not ready to change these states, that we have no desire to change a good state for something lesser, or we see great difficulty in climbing out of a bad state into a good one, i.e. we are unwilling to exert ourselves. There are all kinds of places where we get stuck in life.

Therefore, the feeling of stagnation in life is very good. It helps us understand what we had, what we will get, what we would want to have, and why we feel that we are stuck.

Based on the video “How to View Stagnation in Life Positively” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
Photo by Christian Newlands on Unsplash.

“Fear Comes from Absence of Love” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Fear Comes from Absence of Love

The more chaotic the world becomes, the more stressed and anxious we become, as well. Insecurity about the future is causing trepidation, and the only thing that seems certain is that we cannot trust anyone and have no clue what tomorrow will bring. There is one culprit behind our fears and anxieties: We are hostile and hateful toward each other, and where there is no love, there is fear, and lots of it.

Not only people are afraid. We find fear in pets, animals, and even plants, although we do not label it as such. Fear does us a great service: it is a sentinel that warns us of falling into dangerous pitfalls, a protective mechanism that all living beings employ.

It seems reasonable to think that progress should have made us more confident. It seems as though technology can protect us better than if we lived in caves. However, development has brought with it a slew of unfamiliar dangers with which we have no idea how to cope.

In the past, hazards were just as formidable, if not more so, and truly existential. For the cavepeople, for example, venturing out of the cave meant being vulnerable to attacks by predators. However, fear did not cause panic because people knew the dangers and how to protect themselves from them. Today, countless elements and factors affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and we cannot know them all, cannot see them coming, and do not know how to overcome them. Naturally, this puts us in a state of constant pressure and anxiety.

The more we evolve, the more self-centered we become. In fact, since approximately the turn of the century, we have reached such a level of egoism that sociologists are speaking of a “narcissism epidemic.”

As we are growing increasingly sophisticated and increasingly narcissistic, we are developing increasingly complicated systems that leave us powerless and mistrustful of them and of each other. Because we do not like or trust each other, we are erecting protective shields that increase our isolation, alienation, and thus our fear.

If we want to feel safe, we need not work directly on increasing our confidence. On the contrary, we should put aside our excessive preoccupation with ourselves and focus on developing care for others, since the lack thereof is the reason for our fear.

A sense of security does not come from fighting against hatred; it comes from striving for connection, for caring. The only malice that exists is in our hearts. Its cure is not to uproot it but to instill consideration and ultimately kind-heartedness.

A person preoccupied with caring is not afraid of anything. Caring for others is the greatest gift one can receive. If we can build a society based on consideration and care, it will be a society of confident and happy people, since there is no fear in the presence of love.

“Why do people get stuck in life?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why do people get stuck in life?

Sometimes we feel like we did our very best, that there is nothing else we could have done, but it is as if life itself does not let us move, and we feel stuck. We reach such states where we cannot do anything else by ourselves in order to ask for help. At such points, we hand over our destiny to the greater force in nature, the upper force, and depending on how we turn to that force, we exit that state and move on.

Getting stuck in such ways is excellent because it is the sole place where we can change our destiny. That same force of nature, which is a force that guides our development, leads us to stagnation precisely in order for us to feel that we cannot continue by ourselves, and that we need to ask it for help. Then, if we ask for help in a way that corresponds with the upper force, we gain contact with it, and there is no greater sensation in life than making such contact.

While discussing the upper force in such a way might seem strange, unexpected or disagreeable to many, if we are talking about our destiny and the purpose of stagnation, then leading us to a request from the upper force is the ultimate purpose of our getting stuck in life. There is a program in nature, and according to its program, we are stuck. When we get stuck, we no longer know where to turn. Beyond the life we know is a program in nature that controls us. Therefore, by turning to that program, to the upper force that controls our lives, we can effectively change our destiny and enter into contact with it.

Moreover, we do not have to believe in the upper force. One way or another, we live our lives without choosing how or when we do so, nor what is going to happen in the next moment, and surely not when we get stuck. Therefore, turning to the source that is behind the scenes, controlling our lives, organizes our lives in return. We ask that force to clarify what is going on, and by entering into contact with it, we gain a behind-the-scenes view of our lives, understanding why things unfold exactly the way that they do, and feeling a great source of fulfillment enter those places in life that were incomplete and lacking.

Based on the video, “Why Do People Get Stuck in Life?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Union Of Peoples


 States will be compelled to enter into a union of peoples where each, even the smallest state, could expect its security and rights not from its own forces, but solely from such a great union of peoples (Immanuel Kant).

Question: Is peace possible not from one’s own forces, but from a common alliance?

Answer: The world can be only like this. One is nothing. One in the world equals zero. Only the interaction between such units, which in general are zeros, can give everyone the feeling of self worth. Not he himself, but his association with others is what they create among themselves.

At the same time, all zeros seem to add up together and it turns out to be not zero, but rather something big, because everyone annuls himself and adds up with others, giving everything from himself and absorbing everything from the rest.

Only by sharing, only by investing themselves in others and others in themselves, do they come to a state where everyone has value. Because it is in the union that each of them can reveal their individuality.

This process should take place at all levels.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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Happy Interdependence Day America!

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/4/22

The struggling U.S. economy is spoiling Independence Day celebrations this year. The traditional barbecue is getting much more expensive and traveling by car is becoming a luxury due to record-high gasoline prices which have risen nearly 56% over last year.

No wonder the vacation spirit is dampened. Americans are cutting back on spending as inflation in the U.S. hits a new 40-year high. According to official data, consumer prices rose 8.6% last month compared to 12 months earlier. The U.S. economy contracted 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022, and the capital market closed its worst six months in at least 50 years.

On one hand, the economy always fluctuates between ups and downs. On the other hand, Americans today can no longer live in the same conditions they once did. They accept many immigrants into the country and run many programs that their financial system cannot support.

I am not an economist and certainly do not have the grasp over the American economy that the experts do, but it seems that America is not taking all the global data into consideration.

The situation is more complex than being just an economic problem. The economy itself reflects the way that people relate to one another, and these relationships need care and correction. It is a mistake to think that the world will be able to operate on a “business as usual” basis, because it is the quality of the interconnections between people that stabilize social and economic systems.

Americans continue to behave as they have always done, however, they are gaining less and less, or even losing ground because they fail to take into account that people are continually changing, that human society is changing, and that it is imperative to adjust and improve relations accordingly: social development must be adapted to the laws of the interdependent global world, otherwise America will continue to fall further and further behind.

While the U.S. economy is still more important and larger than that of China and the rest of the world, if America loses power significantly, it will affect the whole world. At that point all of us will finally understand that we are locked into an integral system, an interdependent system. When each nation and individual within the nation clearly sees that harm to another either directly or indirectly harms itself, we will be alert and ready to communicate and cooperate properly with one another.

It is still possible for America to lead humanity on the right path. The country is no longer as strong as it appears either to itself or the world–because strong is a country that knows how to control itself by considering and balancing the needs of everyone, and Americans still lack this skill–but America is still considered an important nation.

May the 246th Independence Day reveal to America its close ties with other nations and peoples. Independence describes not only the state of a free and liberated nation that has an independent government and is not under foreign rule, rather, independence is a state in which the nation itself can determine and choose what to do next to strengthen its relations with the other countries–it describes an ability to perceive its interdependence. For it is only within close relations between countries that prosperity and flourishing will prevail.

In the global world where every nation is connected to another, the time for old notions of the independence of individual nations has ended. We see this today with Russia, and soon we will see it with China. If America will learn to connect with the rest of the world in good relations, it will be broadly successful. It will be able to set positive laws in society that will be passed on to everyone, and it will gradually recover from its socioeconomic problems. Happy independence, America!

“Why Have More Americans Stopped Looking for God?” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Why Have More Americans Stopped Looking for God?

Belief in God is a strong sign of the perseverance of American religiosity over the years. But a new study found that faith in God has plummeted to 81%, an unprecedented low since 2017 when that percentage was six points higher. How can this significant change be interpreted?

The study conducted by Gallup (a company with vast databases from 1944 that allows it to track the processes of change in America) showed that belief in God faded mainly among the young American population, while among married people, adults, women and those who did not attend college, belief in God was higher. The most notable differences were in political ideology: 72% of Democrats said they believed in God, compared to 92% of Republicans.

Why do liberals believe less and Republicans more? It all depends on education and the impact of one’s environment. Why do adults believe more than young people? Because they have been accustomed to it from early childhood; and why are those who are married more stable in their belief in a higher power? Because believing in God helps them, shields them from volatility, which is good and gives them stability to family life.

If churches and synagogues were once a center of pilgrimage for Americans, today, a multitude of new and challenging worlds can be discovered from anywhere at the push of a button. That seems to be more interesting than an abstract supreme divine power. Nowadays confusion is celebrated and the mind spins.

The biggest question is what is the main cause of fading faith in God among Americans? And the answer lies strongly in social influences from the likes of Elon Musk and his technological initiatives to Mark Zuckerberg and his popular social networks. Every week pours in new innovations and inventions as fruits of the labor of international entrepreneurs and network influencers who revolve around public opinion. Every day sensational news stories fill our eyes, fake or real doesn’t even matter. Every moment is filled with flashes of something to capture our attention. Where is the time to even ponder God and eternity?

If God is somewhere in heaven and we are here, what connection can there be between us, and why should we relate to Him? If once the public used to read the week’s Torah portion or flip through the pages of the Bible, today who has time for that in our crowded schedule? It is more convenient, accessible and fun to surf the web and get instant responses, isn’t it?

If a person does not need God and does not feel the lack of Him, then he or she does not think of Him at all. Only when a person suffers greatly, whether from a serious illness, old age, or any other great suffering, does one begin to even wonder or ask who really runs the world.

In times of distress, even the most secular people find themselves pondering the Upper Force. If death had not peeked around the corner, human beings would not have thought to raise their head and look. By nature, we would prefer to immerse ourselves in the materiality that the world around us has cultivated, to flow with the earthly and familiar, not to hang on to the heavenly and the unknown.

Today’s God is expressed and shaped by the aspirations and dreams in which our lives hang, our future and hopes. The Creator does not describe some supernatural being distant and detached, but rather the next degree to which we must reach in our aspiration to discover a higher knowledge. The Creator is the attribute of love and giving. We are the opposite of this trait, separated from each other, and concentrated in egoistic self-interest, and therefore, we perceive the material world for all its “idols.” But if we make an effort to care for each other, we reveal a positive force, the Supreme Force between us.

The Hebrew word “Creator” (Bo-reh) consists of the words “Come” and “See,” which is a personal invitation to come and experience the spiritual world, to discover the Creator within us. The choice is ours.

The Picture of the World Is Depicted Within Us

715Question: How is the brain able to translate such an avalanche of frequencies that it perceives with various senses: frequencies of light, sound frequencies, our specific perceptions of the world? How do we produce this avalanche from the general flow of information?

Answer: All our senses are only conductors, nothing more. These are nerve endings that are supposedly involved and carry out some kind of influence inside. In fact, they get nothing from the outside.

Such innervation is given to us so that we feel ourselves and create this picture within ourselves. In practice, we are the final recipients of information that we receive from outside. This information exists all around us. And everyone forms a picture out of it within himself.

This picture is allegedly created by our eyes, ears, with our five senses. In fact, it is created from the information that we receive. We depict a picture of the world within us.

It seems to us that this world is outside, and supposedly our senses receive all the information from outside. This is such a deceiving thing. In the future, humanity will reveal this in full.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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Who Will Be the First to Receive a Blow?

918.02Question: Why is a country like Thailand, which appears to be inhabited by people with very little selfishness, constantly being attacked by nature?

Answer: This is a very difficult topic that is completely incomprehensible to us because it has to do with the origins of souls.

The fact is that there are connections between souls that are intertwined from ancient Babylon, from where all human civilization originated. Therefore, from the current geography we cannot say what is happening at all. The poor Thais or unfortunate Japanese, who are they actually? What relation do they have to all of humanity, to egoism, to suffering?

We do not understand this. But according to the law of the general spiritual desire, the so-called vessel, the most subtle, most receptive parts are first to receive blows.

Basically, where do I feel physical pain? Actually in my head, although it seems that I feel it in my leg. But if you disconnect the leg from the head, then the leg will not feel this pain because it is felt precisely because it passes through the brain.

There is such an internal connection between us that if something we think of as good happens in one part of the world, then something bad can result in another part and vice versa, or these parts are somehow divided among themselves.

This is similar to the way a fetus grows in the mother and how completely different parts of its body develop seemingly without any connection with each other. In fact, it occurs according to a strict internal program, but we simply do not know it.

However, it can be revealed, but for this you need to know exactly the map of the soul, its parts, and their interconnections. And that is the entire world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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Development Cannot Be Reversed

288.2Comment: Today there are many theories and studies that say that we are not the only civilization in the universe, that there were more advanced civilizations.

My Response: This calms us down when we begin to think: “What will happen after us? Will there be dinosaurs again or something else?”

I cannot imagine the reverse development because it is always moving forward. It cannot turn back in any way, this does not happen in nature.

Even if we throw ourselves back as a result of wars or some natural disasters, this nevertheless is not a throwback. Egoism is constantly developing.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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Against One’s Will

155In Kabbalah, the effort of a person is his personal aspiration to the Creator. If it is made on the background of contradictions and rejection, then this effort is directed toward the Creator.

If it passes through a group, through a person’s laziness, if it is built in accordance with the instructions of the Kabbalists, then in the end, obviously, it is correct, and this is felt in the way you fulfill it, realize it.

And if there is no resistance of the body, then there is no spiritual action, because such an action is directed against egoism, bounces off it, rises above it, and is carried out in spite of it.

But what does “against it” mean? Can we do this? We can if we raise the importance of altruistic action above the egoistic, that is, we will work in a group of like-minded people and then gradually we will receive from them the importance of actions that are completely unusual for us.

But then, if we understand it well, we will realize that these actions were egoistic too. We just picked them up from the group, from the environment, like a soldier who runs into battle because everyone around him acts like that and infects him with their desire.

However, this is not yet a spiritual action. Another one is built above it when you begin to realize that this action must be directed toward the Creator. But you do not see and do not understand its meaning. Then you start asking for strength to fulfill it.

You do not want anything, only that the idea of the importance of the Creator would be so strong in your feelings that all other actions of this world would fade before it. You cannot give this action any real justification, but it is the yearning for it outside of yourself, from yourself, that leads to an understanding of what spiritual reality is.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Against One’s Will” 11/3/09

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The Universe Is an Analog System

746.01Comment: In 1982, Alain Aspect conducted quantum mechanics experiments that led to validate quantum entanglement. Scientists have discovered that under certain conditions, elementary particles, for example, electrons, are able to communicate with each other instantly, regardless of the distance between them. It does not matter if it is 10 feet between them or 10 billion miles, each particle always knows what the other is doing.

This discovery violates Einstein’s postulate that the limiting value of propagation speed of interaction is equal to the speed of light, and therefore repels some scientists and inspires others to even more radical explanations.

For example, David Bohm, a physicist at the University of London, believes that this discovery suggests that objective reality does not exist, and despite the obvious density, the universe is basically a giant, luxuriously detailed hologram.

My Response: The universe is much more complex than a hologram. There is indeed an instantaneous connection between all its parts. We are in a volume that is absolutely rigidly connected between all its smallest particles, forces, and information fields. None of them is free from instantaneous impact on other particles and from their influence on it.

In fact, our universe is an analog system in which everything instantly connects to each other. Instantly! If something is done in one part, in another, in third and fourth, meaning there is some kind of shift, a change of one millimeter, one milligram, one unit, it instantly causes a change in the entire universe. This is how we are arranged. This is the world we live in.

However, people perceive information differently. With our lagging induction qualities, it takes a long time while all this spreads within us, is recognized, and passes a period of adaptation. Our perception of the universe is not what the universe itself is.

Therefore, here we can talk about two things: about what really exists, and about how a person perceives what is happening through his five corporeal sensory organs or with the help of tools that slightly expand the range of his sensations.

That is, we are talking about the fact that there is an objective reality and how subjectively it is perceived in us as it passes through our filters.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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“Is There a Substitute to Substance Abuse?” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Is There a Substitute to Substance Abuse?

On June 26, the UN marked the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The message of the Secretary-General for that day was, “We cannot allow the world’s drug problem to further shadow the lives of the tens of millions of people living through humanitarian crises. On this important day,” he suggested, “let us commit to lifting this shadow once and for all, and giving this issue the attention and action it deserves.” In my opinion, as long as people want to escape from life, and as long as drugs are so accessible, substance abuse and drug addiction will continue to plague humanity.

Life has always been tough. These days, it is even tougher for many, if not most of us. Because drugs are so accessible these days, teenagers and young adults who used to “get away from it all” by drinking or smoking, now do it with drugs, and even hard drugs. It gives them a good high, disconnects their thoughts from the pitfalls of life, and allows them to feel relieved and happy, even if it is transitory and subsequently leads to deeper downs.

Besides, drugs are good business. Too many people in top positions make too much money for the discussion about eliminating drug abuse to be relevant.

By “top positions,” I am not talking about the addicts or the dealers. I am talking about policymakers in positions that pay top dollar, whose job is to decry the plague of drug and substance abuse, and do nothing but maintain their positions.

Like many other top brass, they view their job definition not as a mission to help humanity, but as feeding the cash cow and milking it dry. In the case of drugs, the cow feeds on more addicts, and the milk is the bloated budgets that organizations for “preventing drug abuse” receive in order to perpetuate the problem while pretending to fight it.

This is why, according to the UN’s own statistics, drug sales over the dark web nearly quadrupled between 2011-2020. If there were an intention to eliminate drug abuse, those who are at the top of the system would have long been fired. But since there is no such goal, those people are hailed as heroes and their budgets are bloated even more, to cope with the “escalating” crisis.

If we want to truly deal with the issue of drug abuse, we first need to decide what we want to do with addicts. Do we want them to live, or do we want them to vanish? If it is the latter, authorities must provide them with proper conditions to live out their lives until they are gone. If we cannot convince people that there is more to life than escaping from it, we should at least enable them to escape life with dignity until they are gone.

At the same time, we should make drugs inaccessible, as simple as that. That is, if we are willing to cull the well-paying jobs of those in charge of “fighting” against drug abuse. If we genuinely choose to eliminate drugs, we should eliminate access to them. This is the first step.

Then, we should offer a substitute. Not everyone will want it, but we should nevertheless offer a substitute that can satisfy the need that pushes at least some of the people into drug abuse and other forms of escapism.

The substitute that we should offer drug users is supportive human connections. Just as the veterans from Vietnam, many of whom were heavy drug users while in service, stopped once they returned to their families, we should offer the same feeling to current addicts.

This feeling of family warmth, acceptance, and the knowledge that people care about you, is the ingredient that is being depleted from society at the fastest rate. And without confidence and a sense of security, people will be afraid to face life and will opt for escapism. Human connection is the only antidote to drug abuse. It does not cost a thing, it does not pay top dollar, it has very poor PR, but it works like a charm. Making people feel welcome and safe will make them hooked on life.