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Rise From Your Keter Into The Malchut Of The Upper

laitman_238.01The state of Malchut is whenI have nothing and Keter is when there is everything. To have everything in spirituality means to attain the ability to bestow to the Creator.

But suddenly from my Keter in which I had everything, from the attained level of bestowal, I fall into darkness; in other words, I think about myself, about the fact that I have nothing. I do not understand anything; I do not feel anything; I envy others and begin to despise them.

I feel completely worthless, a complete zero.

This is called the Malchut of the upper. I received an addition of uncorrected desire in which I sense the truth: who I really am. How can I get out of this state and go further, to the Keter of the upper?

First of all, I need to stop thinking about myself; this is called restriction. I do not care about everything that is in my own feelings; what matters is what happens to the group. It is like a mother for whom it is more important what happens to her infant than her own condition. That is, I must transfer the emphasis from myself to the group, and from the group to the Creator.

If I can rejoice that I can think about the group and the Creator from total darkness, it means that I have entered the spiritual space and am in faith above reason, in bestowal above my own desire to receive.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/6/18, Lesson on the Topic “From Helplessness to Crying Out to the Creator”

Newsmax: “Global Interdependence Means No One Wins a Trade War”

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Global Interdependence Means No One Wins a Trade War

The storm around the rapid deterioration of Turkey’s economy sent shock waves in financial markets — globally.

In light of the worsening relations between Turkey and the U.S., and as a result of President Trump’s declaration of double caps on steel and aluminum, the European banking and financial system could be dragged into an old/new debt crisis.

We are witnessing a world war, albeit different from what we have known in the past.

It’s the modern technological and financial version of warfare.

Numerous fronts indicate a dramatic and global collapse of the free international trade market. The U.S., Europe, China, India, Russia, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Turkey, Iran, Brazil, and other countries are all in the midst of economic battles.

Mutual sanctions, currency attacks, and unprecedented threats are flying acorss international time zones. Leaders are fighting for their dignity — and thrones.

Today we don’t need atomic bombs to cause mass destruction.

Cutting off international ties could cause entire populations to starve for food. From day to day, we find it hard to envision a peaceful future in a single country, without taking all others into account. In today’s world, the links and dependencies between countries and economies cannot be untangled without a great deal of conflict.

The international trade market, which has been a free market for decades, is now practically being shut down. Here is the forecast: China will not be able to continue using its large cash reserves to buy real estate or giant companies around the world, while the technological revolution devalues China’s cheap production lines, which for decades have always been its main economic advantage.

As the Chinese expansion in world trade meets a roadblock, the potential benefits will be distributed among other powers such as the U.S., Europe, Brazil, and others.

Russia, however, finds itself in a pickle, facing stronger and healthier trade partners with a weakened currency that stifles its economy. And the U.S., in complete contrast to the passive policy that characterized it in recent years, is now determined to take the lead.

Regarding global forecasts, the two countries that appear to have the ability to lead in the global trade war are the U.S. and Israel. Both countries have the distinct technological advantage, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and innovation necessary to generate solid economic results.

The battle no longer plays out on mechanical production lines.

Today, minds own the battlefield.

The first act of this war should reach its peak in October of this year.

Turkey’s huge loan repayments are nearing insolvency. Then, the Turkish Republic will be forced to either take dramatic measures such as debt relief or take very expensive loans from countries and financial institutions.

Could Trump announce victory? Will Israel prosper as a result?

Will world markets spiral into another economic crisis?

In a globally interdependent world, a single winner does not exist. Countries and economies are tied together in an integrated system, one they cannot disengage from. This interdependence — which most players still seem to ignore — means that a zero-sum game in which the winner takes all cannot happen.

Ultimately, we will realize that we can all win — or lose — together.

A third option is not on the table.

Laitman_124Remark: Soccer is the religion of humanity. Boys run and chase the ball in Iran, in Israel, in France, in Turkey, and in Germany. There is some kind of unity around the football.

My Comment: People need it. Better soccer than war.

I am in favor of people playing instead of engaging in wars and quarrels. But we will have to add a different relationship to this, to make this game non-egoistic so that people will start to communicate because there is still too much competitive spirit in soccer.

It seems to me that if the players themselves, after mutual defeat or victory, organized a good festive dinner all together, in an embrace, this would be a good example to the world of how it should develop.

As they say, friendship won. I hope that somehow, someday, we will get to it, and then people will see that there is a basis for good in these games.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/26/18

Breaking Israel News:“Israel’s Existential Threats And The Nation-State Law“

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “Israel’s Existential Threats And The Nation-State Law

It looked like a scene playing out in Gaza, but its location was the heart of Tel Aviv: Palestinian flags hoisted at Rabin Square protesting the recently passed Nation-State law. Israel’s democracy is being abused not used. When the intrinsic call is to wipe Israel off the map, there should be no room for freedom of expression. Otherwise, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

There is a systematic campaign from the Palestinians to undermine Israel’s right to exist. Incendiary kites sent from the Gaza Strip to Israeli farms have cost the country to date almost $2 million in damages. Within just the last few days, more than 200 rockets plummeted into densely populated cities in the south. Security and economic pressure, in addition to inflammatory political demonstrations within our cities, all serve the same purpose: to jeopardize Israel.

No country in the world would let its enemies spread their tentacles in such a way. There should be a limit to the fertile ground we provide our enemies to plant their seeds, taking advantage of our being a free and modern country. Our open-arm peace gestures have not been reciprocated to this very day. Consider the disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip, the Oslo Accords, the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Do we live any closer to peace with the Palestinians as a result of any of these? Do we wake up every day feeling safer?

The answer is evident. Why then should we let any faction aim at Israel’s destruction? Taking into consideration just the surface façade that only a small number are against the country while the majority of the Arab population aspires for peace, the alarming underlying truth is ignored: demonstrations like these motivate and ignite radical groups around the world to further incite at the grassroots level.

Anti-Israel agitators have admitted that this is only the beginning, a test to enlist support for a continuous public struggle to also take place at an international level. At the end of the day, it won’t be hard for the enemies of Israel to solicit support from the UN, UNESCO, the European Union and other world bodies to advance their interests. They have historically succeeded in obtaining sympathy from those organizations.

Eventually, even Jews in the Diaspora will join the world’s voices against the Jewish state. The success of these internal and external factions points to one factor as its root cause: our inner weakness. We have forgotten the spiritual foundation of our people, the cornerstone of what it means to be Israel. What is the purpose of the people of Israel? What special contribution does this group have to give to the world? By clarifying the answers to these questions we would no longer be blinded by incongruent external influences, leaving us with the necessary strength to defend our land and society from all threats.

The Jewish people is a collection of peoples from among the nations of the world, gathered in ancient Babylon 3,800 years ago with a single purpose: implementing the ideology of “love your friend as yourself,” and passing it to the rest of the world. The essence of the Jewish people is unity, and our role is to be the conduit of the message of connection and love to all the nations. We were founded and united as a people for the first time around this principle taught by Abraham.

The recently-approved Nation-State law does not resonate with this purpose. It lacks a basic spiritual statement: our unity is our main force. The fact that we have had a historical connection to the land of Israel for thousands of years is an insufficient reason to satisfy the world’s questions about our right of self-determination as a Jewish state. Therefore, we can continue tailoring beautifully written laws and organizing impressive protocolary ceremonies to promote them, but they will all reach a dead end.

As long as the nation fails to realize its identity and has no solid spiritual foundation, no new law can become an insurance policy for stability and progress. It is not surprising how similar the current environment of frictions and division in our days is to those that preceded the ruin of the Temple, when hatred outstripped brotherly love.

We must reverse the current state of affairs and adhere to our role of becoming “a light unto the nations” by providing an example of connection to the world, thus transforming an uncertain future into a bright path of unity.

It seems today that the Jewish people are well-established in their homeland, the land of Israel, but this cannot be taken for granted. “Zionism will be cancelled altogether,” as Baal HaSulam wrote in The Writings of The Last Generation, the great Kabbalist of the 20th century. He described a somber scenario if we do not fulfill our destiny and pass our power of connection to the world. “This country is very poor, and its residents are destined to endure much suffering. Undoubtedly, either they or their children will gradually leave the country, and only an insignificant number will remain, which will ultimately be swallowed among the Arabs.” So, there really will be nowhere to run.

Therefore, the first law that should be legislated now is a law of unity: a law that will rekindle the hidden spark in our hearts and restore the sense of unity that we lack. Also, it should not only be a well-drafted law, beautifully designed as a scroll, but one accompanied by an educational explanation of the entire process.

When the State of Israel would be founded on an authentic Israeli spirit of unity, all its laws would work to strengthen the bonds of love among the people living on its soil. Such a state would neither abolish nor erase political party, tribal, gender, age, or skin color differences, but would set the unity of everyone, without exception, into a single society ruled by the principles of solidarity and cooperation as its supreme goal. This is the true nation-state of the Jews, a state that takes care of unification, while preserving the uniqueness of every individual.

When all the sparks within Jewish hearts come together, no one can act against us. Our connection above differences is our destiny as a people, and all the nations of the world expect us to achieve this. This is the law that is the bedrock of our nation and our spiritual foundation, and it should be the basis for any demonstration that takes place.

The System Of Desires And Intentions

laitman_276.04Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence“: Thus, it has been made clear that the revelation of the Creator is not a one-time disclosure, but an ongoing matter that is revealed over a period of time, sufficient for the disclosure of all the great degrees that appear from Above downwards and from below Upwards. On top of them, and at the end of them, appears the Creator.

It is like a person proficient in all the countries and people in the world, who cannot say that the whole world has been revealed to him before he has completed his examination of the last person and the last country. Until one has achieved that, one has not attained the whole world.

There is an enormous system, a system of desires, and above them intentions that we need to develop, connect with each other, and form our soul from. The desires remain below and practically do not change. The intentions are most important. Their attitude to each other builds the soul between us, what we refer to as the “spiritual world.” The spiritual world is a world of intentions: my attitude to everyone else.

It is based on desires and, possibly, some actions. But that’s it for our world. When we begin to give preference to the intentions, all the actions of our world lose their vibrancy, might, and importance.

Question: Let’s suppose that I do something now, and I realize that I do it for myself. And Kabbalah tells me that I must overcome my will and do something for the sake of the other. Does that work?

Answer: It works, but only in the group. As a member of the group, I try to do everything I can in order for the group to advance successfully.

Question: But what if I don’t hold onto the right intention?

Answer: That doesn’t matter. By carrying out actions in the group, you rouse the upper Light, which forms your intention.

Question: But you say that we draw the upper Light by reading Kabbalistic books, rather than through our actions?

Answer: No. Everything works only through the friends and only to the extent that you rouse the common desire in the group. There is no other way. The books and the studies are the preliminary means, and they are quite weak; through them you come a little closer to the goal. However, the most effective way to influence yourself and the group is when you push the friends to spiritual attainment. Even if you carry out these actions without the right intention, it is good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

The Times of Israel: “Beyond Israel’s Nation State Law”

The Times of Israel published my new article “Beyond Israel’s Nation State Law

Israel’s nation-state law has clearly managed to touch a nerve for many around the world. My article about it drew a slew of both positive and negative comments.

I will refer to one which was characteristic of most comments and also raised an important question: “Perhaps you could provide practical steps to reach unity, or explain what it means to be in unity. I think there are many people ready to move to that stage but they don’t really know how, because after the wonderful article, the comments are full of conflicts and self-justifications…”

In order to understand how social change can take place in Israeli society, we have to reconstruct the unique birth story of the Jewish people. Keep in mind that much more than a piece of history, it describes the global purpose for which Israel was created, extremely relevant to our day and age.

About 3,800 years ago, in Mesopotamia, which is today’s Iraq, the cradle of human civilization existed in natural brotherhood and a sense of shared destiny, as a united universal family. The pagan society of those days didn’t aspire for much more than leading a peaceful life, and fulfilling their basic needs for food and shelter. Instinctively, treating each other like kin, they established a thriving agricultural society.

But then, a radical development of human desires took place in ancient Babylon. Humanity’s “egoism” began to grow and they suddenly demanded to get much more out of life. An outburst of egoistic desires violated the harmony that prevailed among human beings. Their ego began to separate them and urged them to put their personal benefit at the expense of others. Thus, humanity’s first social crisis transpired.

In the midst of the Babylonian crisis, one priest named Abraham was highly aware of what was happening. He began to investigate the reason and purpose for the growth of the human ego, and uncovered the natural system that all human beings are part of, and the natural force that binds them together.

Abraham discovered that in order to balance the negative force of egoism, humans have to make a conscious effort to awaken the positive force of connection inherent in nature. In other words, the common efforts to cultivate unity above the egoistic rejection uncovers a spiritual space between people, where they can sense the wholeness and harmony of nature itself.

Abraham formulated his discovery into a method, and embarked on an extensive campaign to spread it among the Babylonians who would follow him. His method was later to be called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.”

Those who gathered around Abraham were representatives from every nation of ancient Babylon. They were, in effect, a mini-model of humanity. And what brought them together was only their common spiritual desire to rise above their egoistic differences and find a higher level of unity. Abraham’s group would later be called the people of “Israel,” a combination of the words “Yashar” and “El,” which means directly towards the force that governs all of nature.

In today’s Israeli society, and even more so in global society, human relations are more broken and polarized than in ancient Babylon. And just as Abraham assembled the first people who identified with the message of oneness above differences, we, too, must come together and rediscover the concept of “Israel.”

First we have to spread awareness of a higher level of unity as a solution to all our troubles. We have to foster social discourse about our united future. These discussions must be conducted according to rules that maintain positive connections: we should express our opinions freely, we can argue, and we shouldn’t blur our differences, and yet, we have to do it like a warm and loving family that has a common goal: unity above the ego.

From one such discussion to another, we will necessarily begin to sense an awakening of the natural bond between us. This sensation is rooted in our spiritual DNA, but it has to be activated, and only a healthy and thoughtful environment will allow us to do so.

As we become stronger in our unity, we will muster the strength to bring about significant changes in society, and we will also be able to demand that state institutions contribute their part in this socio-educational endeavor.

But the effort to unite is mostly an effort of one’s heart. Alongside social and global stages that will gradually take shape, each and every one of us should relate to our society as a mini-model of the human family.

What happens with Israel radiates to all of humanity. This is how nature created the “people of Israel” and the reason for the gut-level feelings directed at Israel on so many fronts. We have to usher in the next degree of human connection. Anyone who feels it, is welcome to start now.

The Day Of The Creator

laitman_032.06The day of the Creator is the state when a person does not feel any shortage in anything and is ready to remain in this state all his life and beyond, under one condition: that he will always have the desire to bestow to the Creator. And this is without any answer, knowledge, or compensation, just to do something good for the Creator, and no one will know, including the Creator himself, that a man exerted for Him.

And the way to check it is joy, a sense of perfection. This means that a person is already at the end of correction because he wants nothing except this. Such a state is called “The day of the Creator.” Any person, no matter where he is, can imagine and constantly strive for this. Otherwise, it will not be called a day and perfection.1

Discontent is an obstacle to perfection. Everything is measured relative to a person. The way he evaluates his state is how his state is. To want more than what you have is already a luxury. After all, it turns out that you are dissatisfied with what you have received from the Creator. This is a huge obstacle standing in everyone’s way to perfection.

In fact, we are in an ideal state, at the end of correction, in the center of all the upper worlds, in the world of Infinity. All changes occur only within a person. Therefore, if he considers his condition as perfect, then he is already on the spiritual ladder, in a spiritual state.

Therefore, everything depends only on us. We should not wait for something to come from above. We can only ask for our correction; there are not any changes to expect in the upper, outside ourselves. It is only necessary to decide in each state that you are in perfection and want nothing for yourself but only to bestow everything you can. We need to aspire for such a state because this is the truth.2

Once a person feels that the Creator is not good to the created beings, he begins to argue with Him, to accuse Him, even to hate Him. Therefore, we need to strive at every moment with all our strength to see the world as good, the created beings in good states, the Creator bestowing to them all the blessings, and to be able to justify Him in all situations that seem to us inappropriate for a good governance.

We must try to see the world as it appears in the eyes of the Creator and not in our spoiled perception. Meanwhile, everything is forgiven to us, but later on we will see that it is a great crime to condemn the governance of the Creator. You must always strive to be as high-spirited as possible, otherwise you are cursing the Creator, hardening your heart with egoism.

First of all, it is necessary to decide that the Creator is good that does good, and the whole world is in perfection, and we condemn it only to the extent of our corruption.3

If the Creator moves away from a person, then the whole desire for the work of the Creator disappears. And this is called that the Creator turns his back to a person. After all, the face of the Creator is His desire to bring good to the created beings and the back side is quite the opposite. The Creator purposely shows a person His back side so that he or she will aspire to adhesion with the Creator and will not want to remain in a degraded state. It turns out that the face of the Creator is hidden inside the back side.

We need to constantly keep turning the back side of the Creator into the front one and thus to achieve adhesion. The upper one always shows us his opposite side if we are ready to accept it, and we raise the back side to the height of the front side and in this way adhere to the Creator.

Due to this, we ascend together with the AHAP of the upper one. The upper one puts his AHAP into us and we see His other side. And if we grasp it and try to see the face of the upper one in it, then in this way we raise ourselves along with His back side.

In this way we use this elevator every time: the upper one descends to us, and we ascend to Him, He descends, we ascend—in such a zigzag elevation.4

If it were not for the darkness, we would not have a slightest chance to attain the Creator. It is necessary to understand and appreciate this and not to hide from the dark, but to turn darkness into Light. From all the forms of darkness one must see how to adhere to the Creator. One should not neglect the darkness because the whole creation is darkness. The darkness is the creation.

All the forms are in the letters, which are black. And the white color does not add anything except emphasize the darkness, the black letters. Therefore, it is necessary to help each other maintain the spirit in the group and keep up through our  mutual guarantee and mutual support. And it is during the time of darkness that verification is made to what extent we are capable of mutual bestowal and bestowal to the Creator, accepting darkness as Light.

The screen is when I do not care what form I am in, when the main thing for me is to bestow. My degree is measured by the lowest state, the depth of desire to which I am able to plunge into darkness, so that from this stage and on I can begin to bestow.5

The common mistake of beginners is to ask for knowledge, good feeling, filling, because they think that all this should be in the spiritual world. They are waiting for the Light to come and fill their ordinary egoistic Kelim (vessels). But that is not correct. We only need to ask to remain in the same state as it is, but to receive the correction that allows us to perceive this state as perfect.

This will mean that we are in the faith above reason. Everything we have received came from the Creator, and after receiving a correction, we understand that this is the best thing that can be. Our ordinary egoistic desires will not be filled, but above them we want to remain in faith.6
From the Lesson on the Topic: “Concerning above Reason” (Tish) 8/3/18
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Cause-And-Effect Chain Of Ascent

525Question: The cause-and-effect descent of the upper forces comes from the side of the Creator. What is the cause-and-effect chain that goes toward the upper forces from the side of the creation?

Answer: It is correction of our desires by the intention to bestow. This is how we climb the same degrees, by which our soul descended from the Creator to the corporeal world. By correcting our desires, we elevate our soul back to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

Rising Above The Universe

712.03Question: If we assume that everyone will become a Kabbalist, what will the social structure of society look like? How will we distribute the necessary work, management positions, and the planet’s resources?

Answer: In an absolutely perfect and rational way. Through the thickness of the matter, energy, and information, we will clearly see how to interact with them so that based on this, we will rise higher and higher into the spiritual layers.

Moreover, we will not have any problems. All that is given to us in the material and in the spiritual world, we will realize optimally.

Question: What will the main law of justice be then?

Answer: The main law is an absolutely equal attitude to all the levels of nature in our world and in the spiritual world, as to the Creator.

Question: Does it mean that no ecological catastrophe can occur here?

Answer: No! If only we could imagine what was prepared for us in this case! It really elevates a person over the entire universe.

We exist in this state even now. It is only to bring us to it in a real and sensible way, with our desires, that we are given a sense of the opposite state—our present world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

Is It Possible To Enter Spirituality Too Soon?

laitman_629.3Question: Is it possible to enter spirituality before the necessary correction and harm myself?

Answer: No. That is absolutely impossible! The spiritual world is protected by your own screen, so you will be unable to do it. It is like giving you a weight of 200 kilograms—you cannot lift it.

Spirituality is protected by a very simple thing: you yourself do not see, know or feel it, and when you get access to feel and work with it, it means that you already have a screen—an anti-egoistic force that helps you to direct your desire to bestowal and love.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18