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“What Should Be Mankind’s Next Step After The Coronavirus Debacle?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What should be mankind’s next step after the Coronavirus debacle?

Our future actions and dealings need to follow two main basic conditions:

  • That they are essential to our lives, i.e. where life’s essentials are everything that makes our lives comfortable and qualitative.
  • That they cause no harm to other people or to the ecology.

We can meet those conditions if we implement a new form of education throughout society, one where we learn how to enrich our connections and shift our focus from personal benefit to how we can benefit and contribute to society at large.

The sooner we realize such a form of education, the sooner we will experience upgraded lives via improved connections to each other.

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“What Is The Spiritual Lesson Of The Coronavirus?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the spiritual lesson of the coronavirus?

The spiritual lesson of the coronavirus is that in order to live optimal lives, we need to develop different kinds of relationships, ones based on acknowledging our tight interdependence.

When we realize how much we depend on each other, we would then also realize that our happiness, health and well-being depends on fueling our relationships with support, encouragement and care, and any problems in our lives stem from a lack of positive relations.

Moreover, the coronavirus illuminated the idea of what is essential and nonessential in our lives, and accordingly, we can seek how to provide ourselves—all human society—with life’s essentials, and invest our free time in learning about what is most important in life and developing positive connections to each other.

By doing so, we would bring ourselves closer to balance with nature, and then receive positive feedback from nature, which would include the alleviation of future pandemics and other problems.

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“Why Must The Economy Be Reopened?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why must the economy be reopened?

Indeed, many countries, including those where new cases of the coronavirus are being regularly reported, have started reopening their economies.

Why must the economy be reopened, especially considering that a cure for the virus has yet to be found?

The problem is that many people need to pay quite dearly just to live their lives with its necessities, putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads, and they depend on the economy moving in order to do so.

We could ask the question differently: What would we do if we would not reopen the economy?

We then would reveal a greater problem, that we neither feel, think or act as a unified society. While divided, we succumb to the interests of various people and groups who play with power and extreme wealth, none of whom prioritize the public’s benefit.

How, then, could we reach a decision out of what would benefit society the most?

We would have to start by raising awareness of our tight interdependence, that the thoughts and behaviors of one person affect the thoughts and behaviors of everybody else.

Acknowledging our interdependence should pave way to our becoming more responsible and caring of each other, as even if we consider solely our personal benefit, when we realize that we’re interdependent, we then realize that our happiness, health and safety is linked to the happiness, health and safety of everyone around us.

The more we recognize our interdependence and increase our mutual responsibility and consideration in society, then the more we would also recognize that capitalism and egoistic competitiveness no longer serve as positive fuel in today’s interdependent humanity.

The coronavirus has acted as a hard lesson in global interdependence. It has shown the vast extent of our dependence on each and every one of us following each of our government’s health department’s orders in order to stop the virus from spreading, and how an epidemic in China quickly expanded to become a worldwide pandemic.

While the coronavirus clearly illustrated our interdependence in terms of our health and the economy, we would be wise to see how we are interdependent in many more respects, and how we all depend on each other relating responsibly and considerately—that we will at least not do to others what we ourselves hate, and in addition, that we will seek how to positively contribute to society according to our ability.

Ultimately, to experience healthier, more balanced and harmonious lives, we will need to reach a state where every single person receives great care and support. We will continue facing more and more challenges spanning health, the economy and human relations in general until we do.

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“What Is That One Thing Humanity Can Learn From The Coronavirus (COVID-19)? ” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is that one thing humanity can learn from the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The coronavirus has revealed humanity’s interconnectedness and interdependence. Accordingly, we would be wise to adjust to this revelation of our connectedness.

As experts alert us to future pandemics and problems at global scales, we should hear this message of our global connection that nature communicates to us, and likewise prepare a new global basis for dealing with all such problems.

Humanity can thus learn from the coronavirus that dealing with global-scale problems with local responses is like applying band-aids to the skin when there is a disease affecting the whole body.

In other words, it is insufficient.

As we head into a recovery mode from the pandemic, we would be wise to revise society’s leading values in order to make recovery truly possible and sustainable.

What values are optimal for humanity’s state today? They are none other than the need for more mutual responsibility and consideration to flow among all people, societies and nations.

We are one interconnected and interdependent system, and as the coronavirus did not distinguish between the socio-economic status of who it infected, or whether it infected someone who was good or bad to the ecology, but treated all people as equal, we too would be wise to learn this lesson about our equality from the coronavirus.

In learning this lesson from the coronavirus, we can see ourselves as little children who were fighting and arguing with each other, and then our strict mother caught us. No matter how much we try to point out that the other children started it and are to blame, our mother doesn’t care about all of our finger-pointing, and simply punishes us all equally, forcing us to stop playing, think about what we were doing, and how to improve our behavior.

Therefore, the main take away from this pandemic is that we should relate to each other equally, that all people, societies and nations share a common role in a globally interdependent world, and that in such a situation, we depend on everyone taking responsibility, and thinking and acting considerately toward each other.

If we fail to upgrade our relationships to become more responsible and considerate toward each other, then we can expect more and even harsher blows from nature to come and alert us of our interdependence and our need to upgrade our relations accordingly.

In order to undergo an upgrade in our relations, we need a revised educational system, which will use all communications means possible in order to raise a new global society of positively connected individuals, societies and nations.

The more we are influenced by and reminded about the idea that humanity is a single family, and as it works in a family, every member should care, support and encourage the other members equally, according to each one’s unique place in the family, then we will experience a much higher quality of life, more happiness, confidence and prosperity throughout society.

Nature has its own means to bring us to this conclusion—the coronavirus being one of them—but the sooner we raise our own awareness of our global interdependence and improve our relationships, then the less negative phenomena we will experience from nature, and the more we will feel at peace and balance with each other and nature.

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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 1

Laitman_632.3For the Sake of Correcting the Feminine

In one of the articles, Rabash writes: “Who is an acceptable wife? She who fulfills her husband’s desires.”

“It is known that a person is called a woman, Nukva, when he receives light from the master. The Creator bestows pleasure to His creatures. When is a person called a pleasing wife? When he fulfills desires. that is, when for everything he enjoys, he creates an intention to fulfill the master’s desire without any desire for the sake of self.”

If an ordinary person reads this passage, he might mistake Kabbalists for medieval slave owners. But when studying Kabbalah, we begin to understand that this refers to our desire, which is called “woman.” In Kabbalah, the desire to receive is called the female desire, and the desire to give is called the male desire.

This has nothing to do with gender or gender definitions in our world. Therefore, we, by no means mean women or men, we simply want to say that the female spiritual roots are not only different from the male, but also more important. After all, everything that is being done in the world for the sake of correction is done in the name of correcting the feminine.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

Kabbalistic Terms: “Upper World, Spiritual Attainment”

laitman_261Question: Why is the spiritual world called “upper”?

Answer: We call it the upper because it is above our properties. Our properties are the properties of receiving, and therefore, we are very dependent on our egoistic desires and their fulfillment.

And the upper world, these are properties that consist of the desire to give, fulfill, love, and nourish others. Since they (the properties) are independent, free in their essence, they are called upper.

In addition, they are closer to the Creator in their attributes. He is absolute bestowal and love. And therefore, everything that is closer to Him, we define as above us, i.e., closer to the root cause.

Question: Speaking of the upper world, we often call it spiritual. What does the word “spiritual” mean?

Answer: The upper world is called spiritual because it is not material.

Question: Is there a difference between the terms “spiritual world” and “upper world”?

Answer: No, these are common, unspecified names.

Question: What is spiritual attainment?

Answer: The comprehension of nature in the quality of bestowal, equal to the Creator, is called spiritual attainment.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

Seeds Of Exile, Part 9

laitman_747.03The Challenge of Our Generation

Question: Why were the Jewish people sent into exile and scattered throughout the earth?

Answer: In order to absorb the roots of all the peoples of the world, pass to them the correcting technique and reconnect as in ancient Babylon, but at the next level.

The source of the expulsion of the Jews was unfounded hatred. Therefore, only overcoming it will become the reason for the unification of the people and the fulfillment of their historical mission in the future.

Question: Can one say that hatred of the property of unity is hatred of the Creator Himself?

Answer: Yes. This is the way it is.

Question: The Creator, the highest power or nature, created us as egoists; therefore no one is to blame for what happened throughout history. All this is the manifestation of selfishness. What should we understand from this?

Answer: Just what should be done in our generation. What happened in the past has passed. In our generation, we are obliged to unite and unite the rest of the world.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/8/19

Answers To Your Questions, Part 246

laitman_962.4Question: We say that there is no Creator without a created being. All the work is done in a group that is meant to clarify the concept of the Creator, but apparently the Creator exists even before the created being understands and can perceive a Creator. How can that be? Is it possible to explain that by the fact that even before the created being attains and perceives the Creator, he already understands and perceives Him on an unconscious level?

If that is the case, does that mean that the body of each member in the ten is already in contact with the Creator on an unconscious level even before they have clarified the concept of the Creator?

Answer: We speak only about what we feel and not beyond that, Otherwise, we become philosophers or even worse than that.

See How I Will Make Myself a Man!

Laitman_138Yesterday, we opened our souls to each other and felt together in one heart. And this morning, no one feels any connection with friends in the higher ten any longer, feels no need for the science of Kabbalah, the Creator, unity, and the spiritual path, and wants only to sleep like an animal.

Now I need to accept by faith above reason that I received this state from the Creator; there is none else besides Him. It is only the Creator playing with me, sending me all kinds of states, and now He has made me feel like an animal.

Moreover, the animal state is the best of all because it is from it that we need to rise to the degree of man. And if now I am on the stage of an animal it is a sign that I have finished working on my previous state and corrected it. Now I am falling into the state of an animal in order to raise myself again to the step of a person with new qualities.

Therefore I rejoice that I became an animal because now I am starting work anew at a new level. And so penny by penny accumulates a large sum. Therefore, I start the day in a good mood, full of strength, and declare to the whole world: “Watch how I the animal will make myself a man!”
From a Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/20

Let’s Open Our Eyes!

laitman_278.03Question: How can you call this virus good with a straight face and say that it should be hugged, kissed, and welcomed when in Italy more than 720 people died from this virus in one day. Are ethics and empathy foreign to a Kabbalist?

Answer: What would change if I cry? I have seen a lot of things in my lifetime in all sorts of debates and bickering. All my life I have been struggling with rigidness, hatred, and misunderstanding.

Let us say that some wave comes that cuts people’s lives short. Naturally, we cannot be happy about this. But on the other hand, we must look for the rational seed in this, because nature is a closed system that does not do anything in vain as narrow-minded people think. Everything happens exactly according to the decision of the system itself, which restores itself and moves from state to state.

If the system needs to wipe out a couple of millions of people, it does it. And this is its cure. That I might be among this couple of millions—so I will be. What can I do? I will anyway.

Therefore, do not relate to what is happening like a small child. Relate to this from the point of view of the global nature. If it has to cleanse itself in such a way, it will cleanse on any level: still, vegetative, animate, and human as well.

I am not ignoring such questions; I am trying to explain how to correctly perceive an occurring situation. The easiest thing to do is to close your eyes and cry like a small child so as not to see evil. To open your eyes and look at this correctly, as an adult, is very difficult.
Form KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/22/20