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Cycles Of Souls

962.2The cycles of souls is a mysterious topic with many different opinions. There are religions that believe a person lives many lives—once in one form, then in another. Is there really such a thing as a circle of souls?

Yes, it exists, as it is written in Kabbalistic books, in the Ari’s book The Gate of Reincarnations and in The Book of Zohar. But this is not at all what ordinary people imagine, people who think that the reincarnation of souls means that my soul moves into another body that lived a hundred years ago. In fact, reincarnation of souls do not refer to bodies at all.

Everything goes through cycles—any desire. And all desires are combined into one system, called Adam, and it includes all levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human. And each desire circulates, that is, it develops in stages, affecting all other desires, uniting into tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. This is called the circles of souls.

But this does not mean that in a previous life a person could have been a cat, a flower, or a stone. The cycles of souls do not relate to the change of the outer, biological shell of flesh and blood.

The soul is a particle of the divine from above, the force of bestowal and love in a person. And if there is no such force in a person, then there is no soul yet. All systems of the material world in which we live today and feel ourselves in a physical body do not belong to the reincarnation of souls.

But it is good that the topic of the cycles of souls is covered with a veil of secrecy. This stops a person, forces him to be more restrained in relation to others. After all, he worries about the next life in this world and in the future world and then treats others better. And in fact, doing good deeds toward others, toward everyone, and being a good person is by far the safest option.

But all stories about who the person was in his past life are a complete deception. The circuits of souls do not refer to our life but to the life of the soul, which an ordinary person does not have. He must work very hard to reach the state of circulation of the soul and see how he can improve his desire with the help of the Masach, reflected light, coupling with striking, and begin to ascend step by step.

This is called the cycle of souls (Neshama), the highest light, because the lights of Haya and Yechida do not enter the spiritual vessel until the end of correction.

In order to achieve the circulation of souls, one must first develop a soul in oneself, the desire to bestow. The desire to bestow for the sake of bestowal is called the soul. This is the willingness to bestow to everyone, to do good to everyone, to get more and more out of egoism. And then I will find that there are cycles in this process because each time I renew my egoistic desire, I can correct it and perform even more actions of bestowal, love, and unity.

So, through cycles, I reach love for the whole world by acquiring the property of universal love in all my desires. And this is called the end of correction (Gmar Tikun). The whole desire to receive pleasure that I had, broken and egoistic, is now corrected, and I see, understand, and feel the whole reality. It turns out that the whole world really belongs to me!
From “KabTV’s Look from the Inside” 5/24/21

Translation Of The Torah—A Source Of Distortion

559Question: What is your opinion about the translation of the Torah into Greek?

Answer: The Torah cannot be translated into any language at all because its translation always becomes a source of all kinds of distortions.

Hebrew in its inner meaning cannot be adequately translated into another language because it implies completely different, spiritual concepts that do not exist in other languages because they do not have a spiritual root.

Question: But we are talking about the 3rd century BC. At that time, there were sages who understood this. Why did they still allow the translation of the Torah?

Answer: What do you mean “allowed”? They themselves were no longer at a high spiritual level so they could not stop anything. The masses turned away from them because there was a huge revelation of egoism, and that was the end of it.

The spreading of Kabbalah to the masses, which spanned from the 10th century BC to the 1st century AD, has ended. Then came all sorts of religious interpretations. This is where Judaism in its modern form appeared.

Comment: In Judea, the Greek language practically replaced Hebrew and Aramaic. Even the leaders of the Jewish people wrote in Greek.

My Response: Of course. If you follow someone, if you think someone is more progressive, then that’s it.

Comment: The famous historian Josephus Flavius wrote that the Greek king Ptolemy II wanted to establish his kingdom upon the law of the Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and was ready to pay any price for it. But when he saw that Jews started to fight among themselves, Greece turned against them.

My Response: Yes, the Jews themselves showed an example that this is impossible to do. It became clear that laws of bestowal and love cannot be spread among people in a direct way.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

Euthanasia Or Must A Person Die By Himself

565.02Question: The Spanish Parliament passed a law allowing people over the age of eighteen who suffer unbearably from incurable diseases to voluntarily die.

“‘Today we have become a country that is more humane, fairer and freer,’ Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tweeted just minutes after the vote. The euthanasia law, widely demanded by society, has finally become a reality.” (

How do you feel about this voluntary departure of a person from life?

Answer: My attitude to it is this: a person must die by himself.

Question: Despite the suffering and all that he is experiencing?

Answer: When Baal HaSulam was asked about this, he said that a person has no right to interfere in this: how to leave and when to leave is not his business. And even if he has the opportunity, of course, it’s none of his business.

You must continue to exist, no matter how bad you feel. Take your medication, do whatever you want! But in no other way.

My father was dying for a very long time. And the only thing I agreed with the doctors was to give him painkillers. But, in principle, if you understand Baal HaSulam correctly, then painkillers are also not good.

About myself, I can’t say that I have such confidence in myself, that if such huge problems come, huge suffering, that I would agree to continue to suffer and worry. I’m not sure for myself. How can a person be confident about this?

Comment: How can you cut to the truth all the time! Like that in the face! You say that a person is weak. And you even say that about yourself!

My Response: Of course, I’m weak! Who are we?! Midges! Who is a person other than the desire to enjoy?!

I’m sure any person you just pinch will immediately agree to everything. In short, a person is a desire to enjoy.

So, we will live, and what is there next, how God will send it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/4/21

Everything In One Person

Question: Why in the parable of “The King and the Slave” does the king discover a flaw in his plan and instead of correcting the plan asks his minister to disguise himself as a rebel in the kingdom?

Answer: The plans, which the ministers design and prepare, are derived from our egoistic impulses. Which is to say, we are the authors of these plans.

The “ministers” are my inner characteristics with which it seems to me that I can run the world. But when I don’t succeed, I acknowledge my mistake, change my plans, act in another, wiser manner, and approach the Creator that way.

Everything that is mentioned in the parable of the king, the servant, and the ministers happens in a person himself. The Creator, the servant, and the ministers are found in a person, and the struggle also happens in a person. The Torah is only talking about one person.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/24/19

To Correct The Root Of The Soul

608.01Every moment we are given the opportunity to clarify new states (Reshimot) from the shattering. We can scrutinize them in a corporeal way as the whole world does or we can scrutinize them in a spiritual way, which implies a completely different speed and a different solution for all states.

If we process the Reshimot in a spiritual way, then we want to come closer to the Creator with each Reshimo (state). Yet, in corporeal Reshimot, we do not pay attention to that and automatically go through all the states, like inanimate nature, plants, and animals.

Therefore, if we work with the states in a spiritual form, then everyone has the opportunity to correct the root of their soul and integrate with the common soul of Adam. By this we fulfill our mission in this world and we will be able to continue on the other level, on a completely different, spiritual level of existence.

Thus, the main thing is overcoming, rising above each and every state, until we bring it to a spiritual link: I + group + the Creator, that is, Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one, they are all together. If I achieve such unity no matter at what degree and under what conditions, if I think about that and yearn to connect them together, then I awaken the shattered Reshimot inside my soul and correct my soul in a continuous way.

If I want every state to happen in this way, then I fulfill my purpose in life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

“How Do Developing Countries Become Developed?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do developing countries become developed?

We can develop each nation beneficially by developing education that is inherent to all people in the world, such that the development and the culture will correspond to the nature of the nation.

We need to understand that, in general, there are 70 nations of the world, and they are all different. Analogously to the body’s organs, these nations are obligated to complement one another. Therefore, if we will express an equal and benevolent attitude toward everyone, and one that conforms to the nature of each, we will then see that they can create and add a wonderful contribution to humanity. Then, we will extract the maximal benefit out of each nation. It all depends on having a kind and sincere attitude toward each on so that it would be able to serve humanity precisely to the degree that corresponds to it.

We need to understand that nature divides among the nations and countries in such a way that leads us to the state where we each complement the others. As a result, we can find ourselves in an equal and perfect world, where each person complements the others and achieves global harmony.

We will then merit seeing that each nation plays a wonderful role in humanity. It is only thanks to mutual complementarity that we can merit perfect life throughout humanity—in love, perfection, respect and esteem for everyone.

Firstly, we need to reveal that every nation has its own place, similar to how bodily organs have their places. Until we see the unique necessity of each nation, we will be unable to value and elevate it to our own distinctive realization.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006.
Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Abraham—The Quality Of Mercy

276.03Question: What does it feel like for a person who ascends to the level of Abraham?

Answer: Abraham is a spiritual level that a person can attain when he receives from the Creator everything that should descend to the creatures.

From the Creator to the creatures descend the first three Sefirot, the three emanations: Keter, Hochma, and Bina. The highest level that the Creator gives to the creatures is on the Sefira Hesed (mercy).

Abraham represents the quality of Hesed, which means that he is merciful, responsive, incorporates everyone, feels everyone, and in no case connects it with himself, but raises everyone above himself.

Question: Abraham was the twentieth in the line of all the sages, starting from Adam, who lived 5,781 years ago. Why is the number 20 indicated in the Tanakh, and not 17 or 28?

Answer: There are different opinions on this topic, in particular, that these are the 10 Sefirot of direct light and the 10 Sefirot of reflected light. I believe that any higher spiritual impact usually descends on the right line, on the left line, and in the middle between them reaches the state called Abraham.

We can also say that in relation to the Creator, Abraham is the highest point, the highest quality of creation. We cannot go any higher. This is the quality closest to the Creator that a person discovers in himself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 6/11/21

World, Like A Blossoming Garden

737.01Question: When you say that all nations and the entire Earth will become the land of Israel, what do you mean? Will all nations become Israelites?

Answer: It means that all nations will turn to the Creator in the sense that they will accept the property of bestowal and love as a fundamental quality in their lives. All they will want is to come to this property. Then, wherever they are, this land can be called the land of Israel.

Question: Even geographically in Alaska, South Africa, and so on?

Answer: It does not matter where or which places. We must correct all our desires, and accordingly, all lands on the surface of our planet will be corrected, everything will be in order, and apple trees will blossom everywhere.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/21

Two Powers: Mordecai And Haman

232.05Question: Two powers are described in the “Scroll of Esther”: Mordecai and Haman. What do they represent?

Answer: Mordecai is the power of Bina, the property of bestowal, love, and connection. Haman is an egoistic force, the property of separation and destruction. But neither force can act without the other.

Their correct combination is necessary in order to bring all of humanity to its complete, ideal state when, on one hand, all egoistic forces exist in their terrible form, and on the other hand, they are ruled by the power of connection, the power of love.

Then both forces, negative and positive, work together for all of humanity, like electric forces, plus and minus, work in a motor or in some kind of machine. Thus, we need to understand how we should act.

Question: That is, each force has its own function. But why, then, does the scroll say that the power of Haman is destroyed?

Answer: The fact is that there are still many nuances here. It is not force that is destroyed, but the egoistic intention, how to use force correctly.

Question: Is Haman the intention to receive for oneself and not the desire to receive itself?

Answer: Intention for your own sake. The desire to receive is neutral, it is nature itself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States, Purim – The Inner Meaning of the Holiday”

Will The US National Intelligence Forecast Come True?

220Question: A report by the US National Intelligence Council warns that the next 20 years will be chaotic and turbulent: population growth will slow down, there will be massive aging of the population, and the climate will change. Storms, hurricanes, floods, and heat waves will lead to an increase in migration. International relations will become unpredictable, ties will not be established, but on the contrary, will break apart, they believe. Famine will increase. The pandemic will have a long-term impact, namely: there will be growing distrust of medicine, science, authorities, and politics resulting in protests and riots. The ending, though, is very interesting: “Every person will have their own truth.”

How do you feel about this, that there is nothing good in store for us?

Answer: There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Question: And what about having nothing good ahead of us?

Answer: This is the light. What matters is that reasons are emerging for us to change, to change the whole of humanity.

Question: So, the fact that a person is worried that nothing good is ahead for us, you think is a good thing?

Answer: This, too, is good, yes. One should be looking for ways to change things. Give humanity a good future and it will go completely wild.

Question: And what about not expecting anything good?

Answer: It’s not good because it does not flow in the same direction as the course of nature. Nature must force us to correct ourselves, to change! But if we have such bright prospects, as both the capitalists and the communists depicted for us, then we do not need to correct ourselves, everything is fine and peaceful.

What did those who propagated this ideology tell us? “You let us lead, and everything will be great for you in the future. In the meantime, go on as you were, and be content,” and so on.

Question: So what should happen for a person to have such a feeling as you have , that I have to change? “I must change”  What would trigger that?

Answer: Well, it’s not so easy.

First, we have to see a bleak picture of the future if we don’t change. We need to see a clear dependency, a connection, between man’s internal state and the external state of nature.

If man changes, everything around him changes as well, and if not, then it won’t happen. Nature influences us this way, through an opposite, negative connection. It will force us to change through all sorts of problems so that we will discover this dependency!

I will come to the conclusion that I have no other way out. And then I will begin to realize that not only do I have no other way out, but thank God, there is no other way out! Because this is how I break out of this rotting, beastly existence and become a self-changing being.

In which direction do I change? This is something that we have to find the correct expression for, the right manner for these changes. A human being is one who strives to be like the Creator. And the Creator is the great, unified force of nature, the giving force, that births everything, emanates from itself. And I must become like this force. This means that I must reach a state where I treat everything that is outside of me with infinite love. And then everything will fall into place. And it turns out that everything that the Communists, philosophers, and Marxist philosophers said was correct.

Comment: Well! For one to go through such a transformation! I can’t even imagine what one must go through in order to come to a state of equivalence of form to the Creator, emanating love, kindness, and warmth.

My Response: One will desire it from within more than life.

Question: And you don’t need anything else, just this?

Answer: Just this. And not to think of myself, that I will change, but to think about how the whole world will change into the quality of love and bestowal. Through man, the animate, vegetative, and inanimate levels will begin to change. And in the end, absolutely everything, the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, will be at the degree of mutual, infinite, boundless love.

Then, in this huge desire, mutual on all these four levels, the upper force will manifest and envelop everything within itself, and the whole world will take on one single form. That’s all.

Today, the foundation for this is being laid, the foundation for all this. We must properly give the right shape to this action of nature and our personal aspiration, and aim it correctly through our appeal to all of mankind.

It will definitely happen, because man is a sentient being. Therefore, he can be intimidated, brought to his knees, coerced, and thus taught. While we can train an animal to the point of becoming a well-behaved animal, we can change a human being such that he rises above himself.

I consider this forecast by the current-day experts as very acceptable and realistic, to put it mildly.

Question: So you’re saying that if the changes in man that you speak of, happen earlier—this plan will fail?

Answer: It doesn’t need to take 20 years, it’s clear that it’s still going to happen. A wave of this pandemic has to pass, this one, then there will be another one and another, a different one, all kinds, in different places. It won’t just be one huge wave. There will be many different waves from different sides that will all batter us, and we will not be able to keep up, to react, to create vaccines.

No, we won’t be able to do anything. But each time we will keep up with it because we will be getting smarter. We will agree more and more with the upper force that coerces us, so the pandemic will subside and give way to the next wave. And we will try to cope with the next wave too through our own efforts, try to do something about it. And then we will see: “No, it is better that we change in a particular way, and then it will not affect us.” That is, we will come to see how selectively these waves of all kinds of suffering will affect us and force us to change.

Question: Where will our first realization come that this is coming from nature, that it is nature working on us like this?

Answer: It will come from pain.

Question: And then the understanding of where it is leading us will be greater and greater, right?

Answer: Yes, with each wave, greater and greater…

Question: How many impacts of such waves do you anticipate?

Answer: It depends on the extent of humanity’s intelligence. And I’m very skeptical about that.

Comment: Let’s hope we get smarter fast.

Mu Response: That’s already up to us. Those who understand this. And those who have to explain all of it. Here you already engage another level of consciousness.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/9/21