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Sep 20, 2015Interview on 103 FM
Sep 17, 2015New Life 627 – Yom Kippur: Spiritual Ascent
What influence does society have on a person complying with the customs of Yom Kippur; what is the essence of the covenant that we must make with the upper force, and about which transgressions must...
Sep 17, 2015New Life 626 – Yom Kippur: Self And Social Realization
What is the source of that special feeling in Israel during the Tishrei holidays? How can we go back and again be a cohesive nation in its land and what is the role of Yom HaKippurim for the people of...
Sep 16, 2015TV Program "Behind the Words"
Oct 5, 2014New Life 441 – The Tishrei Holidays: Searching For The Creator
What are the stages that a person passes through on the way to searching for the Creator, how can the connection between us contribute to discovering Him and why specifically in the holiday season do...
Sep 30, 2014New Life 438 – Yom Kippur
What is the spiritual meaning of the Yom Kippur customs and how do they awaken us to scrutinize our internal desires and intentions in our attitude to others, to connection, and to true love? Almost...
Sep 28, 2014New Life 437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance
What is the meaning of the Ten Days of Repentance? How do they direct us toward our personal and social development and how do connection workshops help us do so according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?
Sep 14, 2014New Life 435 – The Month Of Elul: Time For Soul Searching
What soul searching do we do during the month of Elul? What do we discover when we engage in such thoughts, and how do we get on a new path toward a balanced and harmonious life? The conclusion of...
Sep 14, 2014New Life 434 – The Meaning Of Israeli Holidays
What are the spiritual meanings of the holidays of Israel, how are they connected to realizing the goal of our lives, and what is the difference between them and the holidays of other nations?
Sep 11, 2013Conversation about Yom Kipur, part 3