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Sep 22, 2020Writers Meeting
Sep 27, 2016New Life 772 – Selichot (Forgiveness) Between A Person And The Place
God, the Creator, HaVaYaH, the place, all these names refer to the upper force that created the desire to receive. The Creator fills the desire to receive to the degree that the desire to receive...
Sep 20, 2016New Life 770 – The Month Of Selichot (Forgiveness)
We have to know the structure of reality in order to understand the meaning of Selichot. We are all connected in one system, but this system is shattered.We have to fix the network between us since it...
Sep 20, 2016New Life 771 – Selichot (Forgiveness) Between A Person And His Friend
Human nature is egoistic, its inclination is evil, so from the start he causes evil to others. The question is only whether he acknowledges this, does he feel that his nature is evil, and does he...
Sep 1, 2015New Life 620 – Holidays and Festivals: Selichot
What are the laws of nature that are represented by the Selichot (Atonements) of the month of Elul? How is it possible to discover these laws and what forces will be revealed among our people if we...
Aug 30, 2015Interview on 103 FM
Aug 17, 2015TV Program "Conversations": Slihot
Aug 30, 2010TV Program "Kabbalah Lemathil": Slihot
Aug 11, 2010TV Program "The Spirit of the Holiday": Slihot
Sep 7, 2009TV Program "Kabbalists Write"