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Feb 14, 2021Writers Meeting 1
Mar 4, 2019Spiritual states. "Purim" condition
Mar 10, 2016New Life 702 – The Book Of Esther In Our Times
All parts of nature should operate in harmony, but mankind disrupts this harmony. If people lived in peace, animals would also live in peace. All the problems in the world stem from the lack of good...
Mar 10, 2016New Life 701 – The Secret In The Scroll Of Esther
The story begins with King Ahasuerus who symbolizes the king of the world, the Creator, and Queen Vashti who symbolizes the world that is not listening to Him. That is, a lack of connection is...
Mar 3, 2015New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther: Who Is The King?
We are used to a powerful figure of a king who rules bravely, while Ahasuerus is described as a strange king, Ahasuerus is a king that is managed by others. This is meant to teach us that the upper...
Mar 3, 2015New Life 533 – Beauty And Women In The Scroll Of Esther
What do the female characters in the “Scroll of Esther” symbolize, why is the value of feminine beauty emphasized in the scroll and where is true beauty found?
Feb 24, 2015New Life 528 – The Holiday Of Purim
What do we celebrate on the Purim holiday? What do the holiday customs of wearing costumes, getting drunk, sending gift packages symbolize, and what is the figure of Haman, and how do we get rid of it...
Feb 24, 2015New Life 527 – As We Enter Adar We Increase Happiness
What is the meaning of the month of Adar? And what arouses happiness in it; what kind of happiness are they talking about and where is it found?
Feb 19, 2015TV Program "Conversations": Purim, part 2
Feb 18, 2015TV Program "Conversations": Purim, part 1