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Apr 15, 2019Spiritual states. Exodus from Egypt
Mar 21, 2017TV Program "Conversations"
Apr 26, 2016New Life 722 – The Children Of Israel In The Desert
The “desert” is a state in which a person feels that he cannot use his former egoism, that has no nourishment. In the physical world, a person has a livelihood, a family, work; everything is okay, but...
Apr 26, 2016New Life 721 – From Abraham To The Generation Of The Desert
Who are the children of Israel who gathered around Abraham in Babylon? What do the hunger and the exile they felt in Egypt symbolize, and what can we learn about our life today from their story?
Apr 24, 2016Pesach. Lesson for Women
Apr 21, 2016New Life 720 – The Splitting Of The Red Sea
The Torah describes how the upper thought, the higher program, directs all of the theater around us. A person lives within himself, yet he has the possibility of connecting to that higher thought, the...
Apr 21, 2016New Life 719 – Moses And The Power Of Faith
How does the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh in the story of the exodus from Egypt illustrate the opposite desires inside us? What is the force that empowers Moses when he encounters Pharaoh, and...
Apr 19, 2016New Life 718 – The Exodus From Egypt Is True Freedom
What can be learned from the relationships between Moses and Pharaoh in the story of the Exodus from Egypt about the relationship we must develop with the ego, what do the plagues in Egypt affirm, and...
Apr 19, 2016New Life 717 – The Exodus From Egypt Within Me
Reality is a whole; therefore, it is difficult to talk about part of it without knowing the entire picture. The burning bush in the wilderness represents the internal revelation of Moses after burning...
Apr 14, 2016New Life 716 – The Children Of Israel In Egypt, Part 2
After being raised in the house of Pharaoh, Moses, who represents the force of love, goes out and sees terrible things. The children of Israel and the Egyptians represent different approaches to life,...