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Mar 29, 2017Conversation "Sukkot-1987"
Sep 27, 2015New Life 629 – Sukkot And Temporariness
Man, just like any other animal, aspires for security and stability. In the past, life was predictable and stable, but today everything is changing, unexpected, and uncertain. We could have built a...
Sep 27, 2015New Life 628 – The Secret Of The Sukkah
The Sukkah is a symbol of a new world that we can build for ourselves. The Sukkah is a new world that we build from the waste materials of the granary and the winery, of materials we can lay our hands...
May 12, 2015New Life 566 – Three Feet (Regalim)
In our distant past, as the people of Israel we carried out corresponding internal and external actions to connect to others and the Creator. The three Regalim (Feet) are the three lines: the left...
Oct 5, 2014New Life 442 – The Four Species
What does the Sukkah symbolize in the context of our relationships with the upper force; how do the four species symbolize our accommodation to it, and which emotions does a person experience in...
Oct 5, 2014New Life 441 – The Tishrei Holidays: Searching For The Creator
What are the stages that a person passes through on the way to searching for the Creator, how can the connection between us contribute to discovering Him and why specifically in the holiday season do...
Oct 2, 2014New Life 440 – The Sukkah In The Heart
What does the Sukkah and its special structure symbolize? What is the meaning of the lights and shadows that are typical of this holiday, and what does it mean to build the Sukkah in the heart?
Oct 2, 2014New Life 439 – The Lights Of Sukkot
What is the internal meaning of Sukkot? What do the lights, that are typical of this holiday, symbolize and how is that related to the transition of a person from evil to good?
Sep 14, 2014New Life 434 – The Meaning Of Israeli Holidays
What are the spiritual meanings of the holidays of Israel, how are they connected to realizing the goal of our lives, and what is the difference between them and the holidays of other nations?
Sep 25, 2013Workshop Unity