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Sep 27, 2016New Life 773 – Rosh HaShanah Customs
The root of Rosh HaShanah (Head of the Year, New Year) is the spiritual birth of the first man who discovered the general force of nature. This is a hidden force that includes all the laws and forces...
Sep 8, 2015New Life 623 – The Software Of Life
Throughout our lives we develop unconsciously. Negative forces push us forward. The goal that nature has prepared for us is our unlimited development, and this requires a transformation of...
Sep 8, 2015New Life 622 – A New Year
Why are we excited about renewal? Because we are people, not inanimate, vegetative, or animate. We are always in a state of development. The expression, “new year” immediately arouses hope, but on the...
Sep 6, 2015Interview on 103 FM
Sep 1, 2015New Life 621 – The Secret For A Good Year
What should we expect in the coming year? How can we make sure that the new year will be a good one and why is it actually by the revelation of evil between us that we can turn the coming year into a...
Aug 6, 2015TV Program "Conversations": Rosh aShana, part 2
Aug 6, 2015TV Program "Conversations": Rosh aShana, part 1
Oct 5, 2014New Life 441 – The Tishrei Holidays: Searching For The Creator
What are the stages that a person passes through on the way to searching for the Creator, how can the connection between us contribute to discovering Him and why specifically in the holiday season do...
Sep 28, 2014New Life 437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance
What is the meaning of the Ten Days of Repentance? How do they direct us toward our personal and social development and how do connection workshops help us do so according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?
Sep 28, 2014New Life 436 – Rosh HaShanah
According to the wisdom of Kabbalah Rosh HaShanah (the Hebrew New Year) is the beginning of a change. What is the change? What introspection do we do on this holiday, and how does a person become...