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Apr 8, 2021Writers Meeting
Apr 6, 2021Writers Meeting
Jan 26, 2021Writers Meeting
Apr 28, 2016New Life 724 – Holocaust Remembrance Day
Over time, the attitude toward Holocaust Remembrance Day has eroded because “there was a decree about the dead that they should be forgotten from the heart” (Pesachim 54b). The attitude in the world...
Apr 28, 2016New Life 723 – The Holocaust In A Kabbalistic Perspective
The nation of Israel should bring the method of correction to the world as “Light unto the nations.” If it doesn’t do so the evil force will arrive. If it doesn’t connect the world in love and...
Apr 7, 2015New Life 548 – The Holocaust And The New Jewish Identity
How has the Holocaust affected our development as a nation? What should we understand from what happened and what is the Jewish identity we have to build so that we will become a model and a source of...
Apr 7, 2015New Life 547 – The Covenant Between God And The Jewish People In The Mirror Of The Holocaust
How is it possible to understand and accept what happened in the Holocaust, what kind of covenant exists between us and God, how can we go back and establish it, and thus bring all of our troubles to...
Apr 5, 2015New Life 546 – The Threat Of Extermination From The Holocaust To Now
Jews the world over fear another Holocaust. How can the right understanding and perception of what happened in the Holocaust be implanted in people? What can we do as a people to prevent history from...
Apr 5, 2015New Life 545 – The Holocaust As A Turning Point For The Nation Of Israel
What is the reason for the desire to annihilate the Jewish nation? How can we prevent another Holocaust and how can our connection as a nation change all of reality?
Mar 11, 2013TV Program "Kabbalists Write": Holocaust Day