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Apr 15, 2019Spiritual states. Exodus from Egypt
Mar 14, 2019New Life 1094 – Concealment And Revelation On Purim
The state of Purim comes to the people of Israel many times in history in order to inspire us to fulfill our role. Queen Esther represents Malchut, the concealed mechanism managing reality. Haman...
Mar 4, 2019Spiritual states. "Purim" condition
Mar 18, 2018New Life 980 – By Virtue Of Righteous Women
A righteous woman is a desire to receive that wants to benefit everyone, and through them, the Creator. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are no men and women but one human figure with a...
Dec 5, 2017New Life 927 – The State Of Israel And The Jews In The World
True connection is a connection above factions, conflicts, and contradictions, through building love above hatred. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a “developed Jew” is anyone who asks about and...
Dec 5, 2017New Life 926 – Israel And The Jews Of The Diaspora
The meaning of the expression, “a light unto the nations” (Isaiah 49:6) is that the people of Israel need to provide the whole world with an example of connection above all differences. The Jews of...
Jul 3, 2017TV Program "The Last Generation 2017" №8
May 18, 2017New Life 856 – Sins And Transgressions
Why does nature generate sins? Why is the size of the sin measured by our attitude to others? And how can we operate the mechanism that corrects human nature?
May 18, 2017New Life 857 – Punishment and Atonement
Are we punished for our sins, what is atonement, and how will we direct ourselves according to the system of nature in which we live? When one reaches the love of others, one climbs into...
May 11, 2017New Life 853 – Hope And Purity Of Heart
The ceremonies in our world do not change our intention from reception to bestowal, but are only symbols. The physical action does not purify anything because everything depends on the person’s...