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Jul 27, 2020New Life 1271 – Social Rules In The New World
Jul 27, 2020New Life 1270 – The Collapse Of The Old World
Jul 20, 2020New Life 1269 – The Citizen And The Leadership In A Corrected State
Jul 20, 2020New Life 1268 – The Concern About Social Issues In Israel
Jul 15, 2020New Life 1267 – Leadership In The Coronavirus Age
Jul 15, 2020New Life 1266 – How To Get Out Of Stress?
We feel pressured and stressed in this coronavirus era since we don’t know what we’re facing or how to balance things out. We are like people standing on the seashore enjoying the waves, not realizing...
Jul 13, 2020New Life 1265 – The End Of The Capitalistic Era?
The younger generation is no longer interested in attaining financial wealth and engaging in the competitive, capitalistic system. Nature is fighting against it more and more as well. Capitalism was...
Jul 13, 2020New Life 1264 – Coping With The Socio-Economic Crisis
The coronavirus pandemic has turned from a health crisis, which united people against it, into an economic crisis in which everyone is afraid for the survival of their own families and sees everyone...
Jul 6, 2020New Life 1261 – Virtual Connections
The virtual platform provides a more useful, practical, accessible, convenient, and palpable community experience in comparison with other forms of gathering. It costs less and pollutes less. Emotion...
Jul 6, 2020New Life 1260 – A World Without Borders
Boundaries are dynamic and relative. We move them from generation to generation and want as little commitment to one another as possible. Soon the boundaries between nations will be eliminated. People...