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Jul 5, 2018New Life 1030 – Human Language
Language is what connects us, and we need to communicate with each other until we become one so that there will be an inner language between us so that desires will communicate with each other and...
Nov 17, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 128
May 17, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 113
Dec 22, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 93
Nov 1, 2015New Life 641 – Violence And Incitement On The Internet
What happens on the Internet reflects what happens in human society, but a virtual battle is preferable to a physical battle. The more rapidly we recognize that we are evil animals, the sooner we can...
Nov 1, 2015New Life 642 – Youth And Violence On The Internet
Children of today are quite indifferent to their parents and have a mother and father within the Internet, in online games. We are the ones that built this kind of world for them, so why complain to...
Aug 19, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 72
Jul 8, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 64
Jul 8, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 63
Jan 27, 2015New Life 511 – Internet Addiction
We are in the midst of a virtual era in which everyone has a toy—the Internet. In the future it will liberate us from work and we will engage only in our relationships and the connections between us,...