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Jun 5, 2018New Life 1019 – Personal Capability In A Connected World
Apr 22, 2018New Life 1000 – New Life Just Ahead
In the new life, we will no longer fight with each other; rather, each one will fight with his ego that hinders his connection to others. The younger generation is discovering that the ego no longer...
Dec 7, 2017New Life 928 – Attack On Love
The human ego is divided into ranks, and each level has a division into useful people and harmful people. For example, radical Islam wants to subordinate everyone under it and is ready to kill the...
Sep 5, 2017New Life 902 – Nuclear Threat In Our Day
The situation toward which we are said to be developing already exists, but the question is in which way we achieve it? Why should a person’s level of awareness be raised in regard to life, death, and...
Aug 22, 2017New Life 901 – The Root Of Hatred Of Jews
What is the difference between the approach of Nazis and the approach of Jews? Why is Nazism becoming a rising trend in the United States? What is the role of the Jews?
Aug 22, 2017New Life 900 – The Return Of Nazism To The World
Why is the rise of Nazism specifically happening in developed nations? What is the egoistic connection that the Nazi regime provides and what is the method of connection that the Jewish people must...
Aug 15, 2017New Life 897 – Spiritual Intelligence
What is the next stage in the development of human intelligence? What is the spiritual activation software and how can we resemble the top programmer? Will the development of artificial intelligence...
Aug 15, 2017New Life 896 – Global Trends: Artificial Intelligence
Our operating software is maximum enjoyment. In the future, a person will see that he is completely activated by his desire to receive and will understand how to rise above it.
Jul 7, 2017TV Program "The Solution" No 130
May 16, 2017New Life 855 – The Cyber Threat, The True Solution
How does progress make us so vulnerable? Who is the true enemy in the cyber war? And if the use of the network depends on man, how can we ensure that it is used properly? The general field of love and...