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Oct 22, 2019New Life 1168
Oct 22, 2019New Life 1167
Jun 20, 2019New Life 1126 – The Importance Of Food In Our Lives
A meal can fill a person materially and spiritually. We don’t like eating alone because we enjoy giving each other spiritual fulfillment. Food can be a means for connecting and integrating with...
Mar 27, 2018New Life 987 – Spiritual Art, Part 2
According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, spiritual art is inspired by Reshimo de Hitlabshut (the Reshimo of clothing/dressing) or the level of reality that has not yet been shaped in form. A spiritual...
Jun 28, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 118
Mar 15, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 105
Jan 26, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 100
Sep 9, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 78
Aug 19, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 72
Aug 19, 2015TV Program "The Solution" No 71