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Jul 1, 2020New Life 1259 – A World Without Money
If money loses its value, nature itself will pay for any labor that contributes to society with emotional coins. The coins of nature are eternal coins of the soul. The soul is the internal effort that...
Jun 30, 2020The Solution 139
Jun 22, 2020New Life 1255 – The Evolution Of Employment, Part 2
Soon many businesses will disappear. The ones that will prosper in the future are those which will promote learning, the practical application of spiritual connection, and the discovery of the upper...
Jun 22, 2020New Life 1254 – The Evolution Of Employment, Part 1
The principles of the new world are becoming clearer daily. Our attitudes toward business and life in general have changed. Ultimately, we will become one business around the entire globe. Employees...
Jun 18, 2020Talks. Leonid Macaron and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on today's international situation
Jun 2, 2020The Solution 135
May 25, 2020New Life 1245 – The Connected Person
The life of a person who has social intelligence is much better since he brings about the correction of the world and this fills him internally. A person who has social intelligence does not attack...
May 25, 2020New Life 1244 – Social Intelligence
The coronavirus has been a general blow to all of humanity and has developed, within us, the feeling that we all depend on each other. People with social intelligence pay attention to how they can do...
May 19, 2020The Solution 133
May 13, 2020The Solution 132