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Jun 13, 2019New Life 1123
Jun 13, 2019New Life 1122
Jun 6, 2019New Life 1119
Jun 6, 2019New Life 1118
May 30, 2019New Life 1115
May 30, 2019New Life 1114
Mar 19, 2019New Life 1096
Dec 11, 2018New Life 1077 – The Potion Of Death, The Elixir Of Life
A Kabbalist sees the upper world because he makes a special inner correction through the force of bestowal in nature. He rises above the ego each time he receives a dose of the upper Light. He...
Dec 11, 2018New Life 1076 – Eternal Enjoyment And Pleasure
The mechanism of enjoyment and pleasure is destructive like the angel of death that puts a drop of poison on the edge of a sword and forces a person to swallow it. Pleasure decreases after we have...
Nov 15, 2018New Life 1067 – Life Viewed From Outer Space
Astronauts say that a view of the Earth from space changes their approach to life. From space, they feel that there are supernatural forces, another reality exists, and that the Earth has a role in...