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Mar 29, 2021News in Russian
Mar 22, 2021News in Russian
Mar 21, 2021New Life 1302 – The Art Of Connection Between People
Communication should be based on the desire to complement, accept, and connect to each other rather than gain from others with the attitude of thieves. We should make room for one another within our...
Mar 14, 2021New Life 1301 – Communication Barriers
The root of communication barriers between us is the desire to enjoy, which makes each one think about how to make things better for himself. If I am not sure that I can get something by connecting to...
Mar 7, 2021New Life 1300 – Listening Connects
A Kabbalist doesn’t listen to himself or the person before him but to the force of love and bestowal that we live in. If I want to connect to someone, I have to show him that he is dear to me and that...
Feb 22, 2021News in Russian
Feb 8, 2021News in Russian
Jan 25, 2021News in Russian
Jan 18, 2021News in Russian
Jan 4, 2021News in Russian