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Jul 23, 2019New Life 1142
Jul 23, 2019New Life 1141
Jul 16, 2019New Life 1138
Jul 16, 2019New Life 1137
Jul 9, 2019New Life 1135
Jul 9, 2019New Life 1134
Jul 7, 2017TV Program "The Solution" No 130
Feb 7, 2017New Life 825 – Democracy, Law, And Education
Why does it seem that the rule of law does not protect us anymore? How can we adjust to the laws of the system of nature of which we are part, and why is it essential that we undergo a process of...
Feb 7, 2017New Life 824 – Democracy And The Rule Of The People
Human nature is egoistic and everyone has his own interests, so there is no chance that we will ever reach the state in which the people rule. States were established because strong individuals wanted...
Jan 31, 2017New Life 821 – Democracy And Equality
By teaching people to be mutually connected, we achieve equality and the ability to be considerate of others. We are all connected by one system, and every individual is like a cogwheel without which...