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Dec 17, 2019New Life 1190
Dec 5, 2019New Life 1186
Dec 5, 2019New Life 1185
Dec 3, 2019New Life 1183
Aug 13, 2019New Life 1153
Every experience leaves an impression on a person and these accumulate to build his overall outlook on life. Each one goes through his own, egoistic experiences to complete his unique place in the...
Aug 6, 2019New Life 1150
Violence is increasing because the time has come for humanity to correct itself through general, social education. Today, our nervous systems cannot withstand the great pressures and tensions in the...
Aug 6, 2019New Life 1149
Violence and outbursts in the still, vegetative, and animate levels of reality increase as the human ego develops. The human being is like a volcano and erupts as a way of coping with growing internal...
Jul 25, 2019New Life 1143
Jul 11, 2019New Life 1136
Jul 2, 2019New Life 1133