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New Life 1074 – Social Alienation

Episode 1074|Dec 6, 2018
There is a natural, social alienation in each one of us. The human ego constantly develops and produces the feeling that excessive closeness with others is a threat. We feel a sense of foreignness, distance, coldness, and even hatred when we want a person to disappear from the world altogether. Technology has caused us to become more alienated because it makes it possible for us to connect while, at the same time, keeping our distance. As a result, we will live more and more through our phones. The alienation we are experiencing is neither good nor bad but the outcome depends upon how we use it. The foundation of the Israeli nation was based upon a gathering of strangers whom Abraham taught to love one another above the differences and social alienation. Nature will compel us to achieve a state of inner, heartfelt, spiritual connection with one another.