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Jul 5, 2021
Do Children Have Freedom?

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Kids are currently on their summer break. After the craziest year ever, these kids are back and forth, learning online and offline, attending school and not attending school, it drove them crazy. We all remember as children that the summer break was the greatest thing that could ever happen, freedom to do as you please. Interviewer: How do you see this absolute freedom of doing nothing and can it help our development? Dr Laitman: Freedom should be an inner state. Such that I want to do whatever it is that I'm doing right now, exactly as it is. That I want it. I like it and that I do so gladly. Interviewer: Do you know anyone who does things gladly? The alarm clock wakes you up in the morning. You turn it off 10 times until you finally have to go to work. And the same with kids. Mom tells them “Go to school.” So in actuality, who is happy about what they're doing? But if the alarm clock is waking him up to a soccer game, that's something else, it's fun. So, the problem comes when there's no action or activity that fulfills you. Dr Laitman: True. Something that you look forward to you will always want, such that in the evening, you can't wait for the morning to come. Interviewer: What's the best advice you can give, so that the summer break can really relieve children from this traumatic year and better prepare them for next year. Dr Laitman: Firstly, for them to enter a system where they will work on group activities together. Where they will understand that it is possible to interact nicely together, boys as well as girls, and between themselves, such that everything will be in the direction of their development. The aim is for them to want to connect with one another and learn how to achieve this gladly. For them to truly reach a state where even though they are all different, they can connect above their differences. How good it is for all of us to be equal and to mutually help one another. Interviewer: What allows a child to feel that he is free? Dr Laitman: No one can be free. Because there's no such thing as freedom in the world. There just isn't. If I release you in the woods, will you be free? You will constantly be afraid of what might happen, what might jump out at you from the bushes. The truth is that's how it is in society too, not only in the woods. Interviewer: So, what do we have to do? Where's the freedom? Dr Laitman: Freedom isn't in running away from everyone to the desert. Freedom is in knowing how to get along with everyone. And then to reach such relationships with everyone, that I find myself always in a good and safe state, where I am able to help everyone and thus be accepted by everyone too. And I can also use everyone to my benefit.