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May 8, 2020
New Life 1235 – From Technological Innovation To Social Innovation

Topics: Coronavirus
Related to: New Life
The innovation that the coronavirus era is requiring of humanity is not technological but social; we need to build new, positive, interdependent relations between us. We live in a system of laws that includes the relations between people. Changes in these relations affect the whole system. First, we need to feel that we are all connected to each other around the globe, that we belong to one integral system like one family. Second, our bright future depends on our positive attitude toward each other, regardless of any differences in our nationalities or origins. Third, we need to learn these laws and implement them in the connection between us. Innovation in the field of happiness will occur when a person feels happy because everyone around him is happy. Innovation in the field of self-fulfillment will happen when each one feels responsible for the whole world from his unique vantage point. If there is mutual guarantee between us, we will discover enough natural resources to sustain everyone and provide for their wellbeing. No one will fear anything. If we relate to people and to nature correctly, we will solve all of our health problems from the root. Beyond our health, social innovation will also help us to rise above this life and attain the essence of our existence.