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New Life 1285 – How To Prevent Bullying Rather Than Cure It

Episode 1285|Oct 23, 2020
Children bully each other because humans are born with an evil inclination to harm, rule, dominate, and control others. Bullied children will not wish to speak about it due to fear that their parents will look down on them and they will get into more trouble with the bullies. In order to prevent bullying, teachers should use theatre in the classroom to teach integral education. Students will learn that every person is included in everyone else and that they can be any character whether strong/weak, smart/dumb, big/small, bad/good, honest/a liar, and later on in the process, bully/bullied. Everyone has to scrutinize, talk with one another, and relate to one another in their roles. They change roles regularly so that they learn that there are other states and they will become integrated in them all. They will come out of their shells, fears, and the roles that they feel locked into. They will learn to break down the walls that divide them by working together to achieve a common goal (in the theatre) and evoking a good attitude in others until they all feel as one.