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New Life 1056 – Unity And The People Of Israel, Part 1

Episode 1056|Sep 6, 2018
Nature is entirely integral and obligates us to live in unity. This is what forms the foundation of the existence of the people of Israel. Abraham taught the group that he built around him how to unite above all their differences and discover the transcendent unity in nature. The multitude of opinions, disputes, pluralism, opposition, and thoughts of mutual hatred remain in this process. We rise above the differences by adhering to the principle of “Love covers all transgressions.” The true point of unity occurs when each one fights against his own ego in order to connect with others above it. We ascend into unity with all of nature when we are in both levels at the same time. If the people of Israel unite, the whole world will follow since Israel includes everyone. Global happiness will be achieved when the whole world will become “as one man with one heart.”