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New Life 1277 - Personal Responsibility For Social Change

Episode 1277|Aug 17, 2020
Today, each individual is responsible to learn the laws of nature and build a society that works in parallel with them. In order to create balance and equilibrium in society, we need to treat everyone equally so that no one will demand more than anyone else and everyone will only take what they need. Nature treats all of humanity as one in the new era that we are entering. We, therefore, have to behave and feel as one in order to connect with this integral mechanism. Each human being needs to give an example to the others, and the ripples of change will spread like waves across the nation and the whole world. We adhere to the integral force that operates in nature and create the safest, most beneficial state for everyone. We bring luck, blessings, and success into all of our lives when we mutually support one another in a good environment.