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Jan 9, 2014
New Life 285 – From Desperation To Perfection

Topics: Society and I
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The epidemic levels of anxiety and despair that we see in society today are helping humanity to evolve to the level of Adam. People are less concerned for the well-being of their animalistic bodies today. The anxieties they are experiencing pertain more to an unknown future and questions regarding the meaning of life. What is life for? What am I living for? These are the questions that, when left unanswered, lead people, including children, into despair. We turn to antidepressants and other drugs, but remain unfulfilled. Humanity will reach unprecedented sorrow and will need to be educated in order to address this. They will need to be taught how to connect to the global, integral world. They will need to learn about nature’s plan and the force of wisdom that operates all of us. They will need to understand the thought of creation in order to realize their true human potential and calm all their existential deficiencies.