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Israel’s State of Security▪ Life With a Doll▪ Israel’s Political Instability▪ The Power of Thought▪ Brave Friendship Between Teens and an Elderly Woman▪ Global Food Crisis and Shortage of Basic Product▪ Emotional Learning

Episode 87|May 9, 2022
Israel’s State of Security: After the terror attack on Jews in Israel on its Independence Day, Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi discuss whether Kabbalah says there is a solution for peace between Arabs and Jews.◾ Life With a Doll: Akihiko Kondo is a young Japanese man who got married three years ago to a hologram of a virtual character he admires. It turns out he's not the only one. There are thousands of other people like him in Japan who have relationships with fictitious characters. Kondo says that thanks to his relationship with the hologram, he was able to overcome severe depression. On this basis, Oren Levi asks Dr. Laitman questions about the phenomenon of relationships with holograms.◾ Israel’s Political Instability: The State of Israel is in unprecedented political instability. Four elections in two years, great difficulties in forming coalitions and a government that has not yet completed a year and is already in danger of disintegrating. Oren Levi asks Dr. Laitman: Why are Israeli politicians in this system unable to reach agreements?◾ The Power of Thought: Oren Levi clarifies concepts of thought manifestations with Dr. Laitman.◾ Brave Friendship Between Teens and an Elderly Woman: At a school, as part of a personal commitment project, two tenth-grade twins met an older woman aged 77. The project ended a long time ago, but the bond between them has grown stronger and since then a very close relationship has developed. On this basis, Oren Levi asks Dr. Laitman: What is there in a relationship between adults and teens that can give young people such great satisfaction.◾ Global Food Crisis and Shortage of Basic Product: After two years of the coronavirus and following the war in Europe, the phenomenon of food storage is developing in the Western world, due to the first signs of a shortage of various products, including basic products like flour and oil. The shortage has also led to dramatic price increases in the food market. Oren Levi questions food shortage with Dr. Laitman: Will there really be food shortage in the Western world?◾ Emotional Learning: In the last two years, a teaching method called emotional-social learning has entered Israel. It is a method that assists in developing skills in the child such as empathy, teamwork, decision-making, perseverance, coping with failure, and more—and will help him in future relationships, work, and other settings. The method has been adopted in Sderot to help children cope with trauma and succeed in school and in life, and positive results are already being reported there. Oren Levi asks Dr. Laitman as to whether a more emotional approach to education is the right direction.