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Jan 27, 2013
New Life 131 – Mass Media, Part 1

The media is engaged in a destructive, ideological war and chooses what to present to us. The mass media shapes public opinion according to the interests of the tycoons at the head of the pyramid. The more egoistic the society is, the more the media follows suit. Our consumeristic society worships individualism and the media develops in order to help us recognize the evil in our world and correct it. The media stems from a lack of communication since there is no harmony between people like there is between organs of the body. If the media realize their educational purpose and function properly, they have the potential to help humanity advance toward full communication. Only a new type of media can save us from the troubles and crises we are facing since they can reach everyone. Nature is leading humanity toward integration and connection and we need people who understand this trend in human evolution to be at the head of the media and lead the public.