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What sustains the world, what is holding it up?• The Ten Lost Tribes• Can the Creator change his attitude towards us?• Alain Delon and Euthanasia• Elon Musk, Twitter and Freedom of Speech

May 2, 2022
Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman responds to news topics and questions. Hosted by Semion Vinokur. The following are the topics and questions:• Dr. Laitman, it seems as though you do not like people, to you, they are lowly creatures. But who is holding up the world then? What sustains the world, what is holding it up?• The people of Israel are not only those living in Israel but also those ten lost tribes. Where are they, who are they, and why did the Creator “lose them”?• You say that people need to bow their head before the Creator and say, “I agree,” but how can one agree with what He does? He is the one doing it, right? Can he treat us any differently, kindly?• Alain Delon, you remember him, right? Today he is over 86 years old. You remember what an idol he was, the movies he made, I grew up on them. French movies back then were very fundamental growing up in Russia. So, Alain Delon considers these years, the worst years of his life. He wants to turn to euthanasia. He already talked to his son and his relatives, his wife also left recently through euthanasia. I read it and wanted to ask you about it. You know, this is how he feels, and you can’t condemn him for it. How could this man, who had such an influence on humanity, instead of relating to his own pains at the moment, could think more in terms of how he could act out his final role toward humanity?• Elon Musk Bought Twitter: He is a total supporter of freedom of speech, however the EU authorities warned him that he would have to comply with EU laws, otherwise Twitter will face fines, or might even be blocked from a significant part of the territory of Europe. So far he has been resisting them, saying that “freedom of speech” is the foundation of democracy. But who is right? Should we give freedom a chance?