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Independence Day• Jealousy• Moral Monkeys• The Sheikh's Prophecy• Distress and Enrichment• Rita was Chosen to be a Beacon of Light

Episode 86|May 2, 2022
Independence Day: This week we mark the 74th Independence Day of the State of Israel. On one hand, there is immense pride in all the achievements, economic prosperity, and military power we have built here in such a short time and under constant threat. On the other hand, there is the fear that it will end and all this power can crash down. According to a new survey, half of Israelis fear that there will be a second Holocaust for the Jewish people.• Moral Monkeys A recent article talks about a professor who has been researching chimpanzees for decades, and how he discovered that chimpanzees have social behaviors that point to a system of morality and decency that is not so different from that of humans. For example, he tells of an elderly and sick chimpanzee who received help from chimpanzees who were unrelated to her, and who did not expect to receive any consideration from her. All just in the name of caring for her condition. He says that "morality and mutual concern is not something we have invented or developed. It is biologically ingrained in us." So what has man derived from the monkey? Another example he gives are alpha males who, contrary to popular belief, are actually busy making compromises and helping the weak. So why is it said that man is the crown of creation? Do we have any unrealized potential?• The Sheikh's Prophecy A prophecy issued by a sheik from the Hamas movement 30 years ago that in 2022, between the beginning of Ramadan and July, Israel would be destroyed. The sheik was deported to Lebanon 30 years ago and his prophecy is provoking a wave of outcry and incitement by Israeli Arabs and the territories on social media. What do you think of this prophecy? Will it happen? We have two more months according to this prophecy… The prophecy is reminiscent of Nasrallah's cobweb speech, which claimed that Israel's military might cover a spoiled and weak society that is about to crumble. Do you think Israel will continue to exist? Do you think that one day the Arabs will accept our existence here? What does it depend on? What can strengthen us as a society? What can we do to change that impression?• Distress and Enrichment: A journalist, Shay Lee Schindler, has created a film called "The New Rich." The film describes the new Israeli dream of establishing a start-up and becoming rich at a very young age and how wealth does not solve everything but creates new problems. For example, one does not know if those who are friends really love them or relate to them just because of the money. There is also the problem of children and how to raise them properly, that they will not become spoiled and detached… Maybe you have some tips for these new wealthy people and how to cope with the new reality? Even if the Israeli dream of getting rich quick at a young age does not catch on, then what can it be replaced with that will make us feel that we have reached full potential? Do you have a dream to offer us that will hold?• Rita was Chosen to be a Beacon of Light: ''The children in the country made fun of me, I was heartbroken and I wanted to return to Tehran. When I sang in class, I began to feel a sense of belonging. " Why do children have a strong tendency to mock the tongue? As for the rejected child, how does he feel? How can we welcome a new immigrant into the classroom?