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A Cure for Cancer? Scientific Breakthrough • Lack of Governance in the Negev • A new Survey on Jews in the United States • China in Quarantine • Jordan & Israel Joint Regional Food Storage Proposal • The Power of a Gaze • 30 Years Younger • Climate Crisis

Episode 85|Apr 25, 2022
A Cure for Cancer? Scientific Breakthrough: Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a treatment method that allows cancer cells to be attacked without harming healthy cells. Could it be that we are at the beginning of a time when we will eradicate all serious diseases? Is there another solution that will help us get rid of all diseases? Does Kabbalah have a solution? • Lack of Governance in the Negev:The Negev has become a lawless place. Crime is on the rise, thefts, robberies, and shootings, and numerous reports from civilians about frightening experiences on the roads of the Negev. Do you think that order can be restored in the South? • A new survey on Jews in the United States between the ages of 25 and 40 reveals that a quarter of them were forced to hide their Judaism because of an anti-Israel atmosphere. The same percentage of respondents said they felt the need to stay away from Israel. I think we must save our relationship with them. We must not lose them. What do you think? Why? • China in Quarantine: While globally most countries' restrictions are being lifted, the city of Shanghai has been under heavy lockdown for several weeks, following a renewed outbreak of the coronavirus. More than 26 million citizens are imprisoned in their homes in a state of severe food shortages and medical treatment. • Jordan & Israel Joint Regional Food Storage Proposal: Jordan's King Abdullah proposed to Israel joint wheat reserves and food storage amid the war in Ukraine and the expected global shortage that follows. The reservoir will serve the countries in the region that are in distress. This is a step-up in our relationship, because to this day we have not had cooperation at such a level. Perhaps it is precisely the common distress that will deepen a relationship of peace? • The Power of a Gaze: Parental guides say that the gaze of mothers greatly affects their children. The mother's gaze causes the child very strong emotions. These moments are embedded into the child's memory, shaping their personality and determining how the child will perceive the world. What is there in the look and non-verbal messages on the part of a mother towards her child which produces such power? What does the child feel in the eyes of their mother? • 30 Years Younger: Researchers at the University of Cambridge have been able to turn the skin cells of a 50-year-old woman into the cells of a 20-year-old woman by reprogramming them. When I heard this, I said to myself, that basically it means that our body has the potential for eternal life. Is this true? • Climate Crisis: An ice shelf the size of Los Angeles (1,200 square kilometers) has become detached from Antarctica due to the high temperatures. Researchers say it is one of the most significant collapse events in the last 20 years. This means entire areas will be wiped out, with hundreds of millions of people left homeless. Do you think that will really happen? When? How long?