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Rewards for Excellence in Teaching • Quiet Quitting • The Nuclear Agreement • Forest Showers • Battle in the Sky • Tensions with Lebanon and Hezbollah

Episode 98|Sep 4, 2022
Rewards for Excellence in Teaching: The salary agreement between the teachers union and the Treasury, for the first time rewards teachers for excellence and not just for seniority. Outstanding teachers will be able to receive salary increases. According to what has been published, the person who will determine who the outstanding teachers are, will be the principals of the schools. What is a great teacher? •Quiet Quitting is a new phenomenon that is spreading in the world of work mainly among young people. • The Nuclear Agreement: The superpowers and Iran are very close to signing a new nuclear agreement. Experts say this deal is worse than the one Obama signed. • Forest Showers: In Japan there is a therapeutic approach that sends people with various medical problems to stay in nature for a long time. According to studies, this stay can reduce blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, treat anxiety and depression, and aid in recovery from many other medical problems. Do you agree that nature heals man? • A letter from a worried mother asking how to save the relationship and win her child again? • Battle in the Sky: Crew members on an "Air France" flight from Paris to Geneva had to separate two pilots who were fighting in the cockpit during a flight. One of the crew members even stayed in the cockpit with the two, to make sure the plane landed safely. The two pilots were suspended from their duties. • Tensions with Lebanon and Hezbollah: Lately there are constantly incidents near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah operatives regularly provoke Israeli soldiers. But it's not only that. Nasrallah does not stop threatening Israel's gas wells, sends drones to the gas rigs, and does everything to provoke us.