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Apr 2, 2020
New Life 1219 – Coronavirus, Money, And Our Culture Of Consumerism

Topics: Coronavirus
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Enjoying this life is okay, but we are also required to develop to a higher intelligence. Nature wants us to develop divine characteristics, and not have money our god. We run after money, buying gifts, bargaining for a cheaper price, going on many vacations a year, all in order to satisfy the ego. We only feel satisfied for a short time because the ego changes rapidly and constantly wants more and better. The rush to satisfy desires is meant for us to reach an ultimate state of despair regarding the ego so that we will want to move toward another method of fulfillment: giving. This method of fulfillment and correction causes a person to feel that the entire world is close to him and loves him, and he wants to give. A person begins to feel that everyone is a part of his eternal soul and by connecting with them, he discovers the higher power. The coronavirus wants to bring us to a state in which we want to be good to everyone and, in this way, acquire eternity and perfection.