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Israel’s 74th Independence Day• Antisemitism in US Universities• New Matriculation Exams Reform in Israel• Zionism and Eradication of Zionist Symbols

Episode 337|May 3, 2022
Israel’s 74th Independence Day: The week of Remembrance Day and Independence Day is the most Zionist in the year, in which the Israeli people commemorate the dedication and sacrifice of the fighters who fell in the Israeli wars and the victims of hostilities and the establishment of the State of Israel. What is the importance of the State of Israel's declaration of independence events, and why are a lot of Israelis considering leaving the country? How can Israelis restore their attitude to where they live?• Antisemitism in US Universities: Harvard University's official student newspaper has published an editorial in which it officially announces its support for the BDS movement and strongly condemns the Israeli government's abuse of Palestinians. The paper relies on Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch's reports, and the views are similar to those of Amnesty International. The article came out as an expression of support for the Harvard Student Committee in support of Palestine. The article claims that it is not antisemitic, that the Palestine Support Committee is not antisemitic, and that Jews, like any person, have a right to life, peace and security. Why is opposition to Israel growing? Why are Israeli elements unresponsive to the situation, and what will happen to American Jewry? • New Matriculation Exams Reform in Israel: In the next Israeli school year, a new reform of the matriculation exams will take effect. The exams in four subjects of history, literature, bible, and citizenship will be replaced by summarizing work in groups. Practice in other subjects, such as mathematics, English, language learning, and science, will not change. Is this a significant reform? How can we connect the younger generation to a real matriculation exam?• Zionism and Eradication of Zionist Symbols: Today, anti-Zionist forces are emerging in Israel and around the world seeking to erase the Zionist symbols. Just this week, a woman from a university published a post in which she photographs Israeli flags in the university library and writes, "This is what a disease looks like," while Palestinians actually use all symbolic means to declare ownership of Israel. Recently, a video was released in which a Palestinian guy hangs Palestinian flags inside residential areas designated for Israeli flags alongside the northern roads.