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Jan 2, 2014
New Life 281 – The Source Of Emotions And Their Role

Topics: Society and I
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Emotions exist in order to lead us to the most internal source of all life where matter disappears. Emotions are the desire to enjoy pleasure, expressed through bodily sensations and feelings. The mind is enslaved to the emotions and directs a person toward what feels good. The desire to receive pleasure is in constant movement, growth, and change and can therefore never be fulfilled. This leads a person to despair at which point he begins to ask himself questions about the meaning of life. He starts to disagree with the process of life and criticizes what is truly good. He develops new desires as a result of his growing awareness in both mind and body. He discovers a way to experience an absolute and full sense of goodness by leaving the body completely and going directly to the unlimited source of all life and fulfillment, the foundation of nature.