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Collective Action or Collective Suicide • A School Without Teachers • Hostile Signals • The Heart of Bisan • Collective Trauma • True to Ourselves • Leanne's Letter • The Riddle of East Jerusalem • Charity Instead of Ferraris

Episode 96|Jul 25, 2022
Collective Action or Collective Suicide: Following the heat waves, the UN Secretary General says that if you don't act together, humanity will reach collective suicide. "No country is immune. We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide. It's in our hands." If we all know that we are facing a global disaster, why can't we humans unite and find a solution to the problem? • A School Without Teachers: A new pilot that will enter schools in Tel Aviv in the coming academic year is trying to overcome the shortage of teachers using virtual reality glasses and artificial intelligence, i.e. to replace teachers with technological solutions. What do you think about this technological development? • Hostile Signals: A new phenomenon on Judea and Samaria roads: Every evening, the residents of an Arab village in Samaria aim strong light beams from lasers at a road where Jews travel, in order to dazzle the drivers and cause traffic accidents. • The Heart of Bisan: The heart of a 14-year-old, Bisan from Rahat, was transplanted into the body of nine-year-old Linoi, from Sderot, saving her life. A month after the operation, Bisan's mother met Linoi and her family, listened to the heartbeat of her deceased daughter, and cried. At the end of the meeting, she hugged Linoi's mother and told her: "You don't know how much good you did for me." • Collective Trauma: Roxanne Cohen-Silver, an American psychologist, warns that because of the coronavirus, the wars, the food crisis, and the heat waves, many people report that they have reached the limit of their capabilities. That is, they can't listen to the news anymore, or deal with everything going on around them. How can a person relax a little from all the crazy times that have fallen on the world? What is the purpose of all this stress? • True to Ourselves: Recently, Herzl's death memorial was celebrated (20th of Tammuz). Herzl said at the time: "We don't want to be cosmopolitan, devoid of identity, but on the contrary, we want to stand up for our nationalism..." If we did a survey in today's Israel about what our national foundation is based upon, we will get a 1,001 different and opposing opinions. In your opinion, what is the basis of our national foundation? • Leanne's Letter: Leanne, a student at an elementary school, wrote a letter to the school's security guard: "To Tzvika the guard, thank you for guarding us, for the whole school, thank you every morning that you greet me with a smile, and ask how I am, and hope I slept well. You are the best guard in the world! Wishing you always goodness!” How does such a guard feel when he receives such appreciation? • The Riddle of East Jerusalem: In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of young people in East Jerusalem who choose to study the Israeli curriculum, to such an extent that it is not possible to accommodate all those who enroll. One of the students explains: "Hebrew is my future. I am proud of myself that I speak Hebrew well." Another student says: "We need to live together." • Charity Instead of Ferraris: Sadio Mane, a star soccer player from the Liverpool team, earns millions of pounds a year. He was photographed walking around with a broken mobile phone screen. When asked why you are so stingy, he said: ''Why would I want Ferrari cars, diamond watches and jet planes? What will it give the world? I was hungry for bread... now I can help people. I prefer to build schools and give clothes and food to people who are in need.''