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New Life 1280 - The Return To The Educational Institutions In The Corona Era

Episode 1280|Sep 4, 2020
Sending children back to school in the midst of the coronavirus demonstrates the disregard, lack of heart, serious confusion, and complete irresponsibility of parents. Mothers will no longer think about their children in the coming days; it is even written that, “merciful mothers will cook their children.” The coronavirus is only the beginning. More blows will come including that all of Israel will become chronically infected with the coronavirus including children and pets. This will happen in front of all of mankind so that everyone will understand that the virus comes through Israel. The curse is that Israelis have unfounded hatred between them and the blessing is to live according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.” Parents need to get at the root of the problem, which is the lack of correct connection between them. Healing depends on Israelis being more friendly toward one another and coming closer to each other so that they will care for all children as their own, as one nation, and as one man in one heart. If they succeed in implementing this technology between them, as brothers and sisters in one family, there will be no infections of the virus in Israel and all the other nations of the world will follow their example.