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New Life 462 – The Conflict Between Nationalism And Democracy

Episode 462|30 נוב׳ 2014
Democracy means control by the people, which doesn’t happen in practice. Democracy is based on nationalism. Jews do not exist according to nationalism, but rather, they are people from different nations who are connected through one root: the law of “love your friend as yourself.” “Yehudi” (Jew) is from the word “Yichud” (unity) or “Eichud” (union). This means every person who accepts the union and love of everyone above all is a Jew. All of us, regardless of religion, require an education for love and connection. It is up to us to build an understanding in the public about what the “people of Israel,” the “nation of Israel,” and the “land of Israel” truly are. If we were to go in the direction of love and connection, the world would immediately change its attitude toward us for the better.