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New Life 1278 – A Summary Of The Jewish Calendar Year 5780

Episode 1278|Aug 31, 2020
The coronavirus has introduced a new era for all of humanity even though we are still unable to grasp its meaning or support its purpose. We understand that we are getting blows but we don’t know why or from whom. We are like helpless, crying children who need to grow and mature in relation to the new world in which we have found ourselves. We need to realize that the coronavirus is an educational tool that has come in order for us to recognize how evil we are and that we must change our attitudes towards one another such that we are more in sync with nature. We live in a round, integral, global, interconnected system and it wants all of humanity to be in equivalence of form with it so that we will live in mutual harmony along with it. This requires that we have good, benevolent relations between us according to the principle “love your neighbour as yourself,” and become as one man with one heart.