Dec 4, 2018
New Life 1073 – Evolving From Nationalism To Humanism In Israel, Part 2

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Israeli nationalism is intended to bring forth love of the whole world. If we succeed in connecting among each other, we will have the power to connect all parts of reality. Subconsciously, we feel that we have a method for bringing the world to perfection but are not realizing it. Since the destruction of the Temple, we have had a big ego, a desire to swindle others, and to succeed at their expense. At our foundation, we were a gathering of 70 nations of the world and only the spiritual force of love connected us. We were strangers gathered in unity around Abraham until an anti-spiritual force developed hatred, destruction, and the impulse to exploit others. Today, Israelis experience an internal pressure and feel like they could explode since each one has 70 different roots. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that it is up to us to bring love to the whole world. Only the attainment of the upper Light will relax us. This upper Light is a higher energy that exists in the world and embraces all parts of creation as one.

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