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New Life 1245 – The Connected Person

Episode 1245|May 25, 2020
The life of a person who has social intelligence is much better since he brings about the correction of the world and this fills him internally. A person who has social intelligence does not attack others and is not rude. He is harmless, humble, and tries to do help everyone. He sets a good example and explains to others how they should live. He understands that it is good for humanity, for nature, and for all of reality to be in mutual, integral complementation. Success means bringing people together and making peace. Social intelligence is the connection between wisdom and emotion as well as giving and receiving. If we learn to connect to each other correctly, we will get to know the general force that is in all of reality and connects the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate levels in nature. This is wholeness. We will reveal the upper force or Godliness in the connections that we will weave between us.