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The 5th Election In Three Years: Why is our government so unstable? • A Robot that Failed a Tolerance Test. • How Do Earthquakes Occur? • The Fear of Missed Opportunities.

Jun 23, 2022|647 Views
The 5th Election In Three Years: Why is our government is so unstable? • A Letter: I’ve been following you for two years, and I can no longer hear about the correction of the heart without understanding what that is. In general many people write that they are asking for something more concrete, they understand concrete plans by politicians to take over the post, telegraph, economy, etc. but they don’t understand what it means to correct the heart. And that’s the main thing, it doesn’t permeate the heart, despite all the clips we make, they want something concrete. • A Robot that Failed a Tolerance Test: It was trained on open democratic data. American scientists pasted faces of different people, sex and races on cubes, and they asked the robot to sort them and put them in different boxes. The robot had to find who was going to be a doctor, a criminal, a housewife and so on. It turned out that the robot is sexist and racist, it considered that black people are 10% more likely to become criminals. Hispanics are 10% more likely to become cleaners than Europeans. Doctors to its understanding were of any nationality, but not women. Experts worry that bias robots are already working in factories, entering more and more into our life, so the scientists started to ask, how are they functioning, as the robot grasps that there are no equal democratic principles. What do you think about this experiment? • A 1.4 magnetite earthquake hit Berlin during the performance of a British rock band, and they asked a professor from the department of Geophysics at the University of Tel Aviv, to explain how earthquakes are caused. He was asked all kinds of technical questions including if tens of thousands of people jump simultaneously, can it cause an earthquake, and eventually he couldn’t answer. How do earthquakes occur? • Scientists are studying the effect of joining the majority, this is when you choose what the environment chooses, you favor what your relatives and friends favor, what’s fashionable etc. Scientists claim that the fear of missing out, causes us to follow the majority. The fear of missed opportunities, this is the force that kicks in when you start thinking that the neighbors grass is greener than yours. What do you think, that there are fears that one is missing out and this applies to everyone?