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Lebanon, Israel’s neighbour in the north, a capital which in previous times was called “the Paris of the Middle East,” is financially collapsing. The World Bank has stated that the crisis there is one of the worst in the past 150 years. There are electrical shortages daily, a serious lack of fuel, medicine, basic products, raging inflation, and every second Lebanese is poor. The Minister of Defence, Benny Gantz, was quoted saying “as an Israeli, as a Jew, and as a human being, my heart aches to see the hungry on the streets of Lebanon.” Israel has extended a helping hand toward Lebanon in the past and is currently willing to do the same as well as to encourage other countries to help. Seemingly, there is nothing anyone can do, because they are ruled by terror groups that drain the country. This should act as an example for those countries that make room for terror organizations. We see that so many countries around Israel in the Arab world are falling behind technologically and economically and don’t want to be like the West, the United States, or Europe. Lebanon prospered when it was like Europe, until Muslim extremists came and destroyed it. Many countries seem to gladly—albeit quietly—accept the help that Israel offers them. But it's not the case with them. One then begins to wonder if what is bothering them is the fact that we are Jews. Jews are not wanted, even if you come with gifts. It is pure antisemitism. There will never be an end to this, until we will pass on the method for the correction of human nature. We need to explain to them and to the rest of the world, what are the real laws of nature, under which humanity exists and where humanity is headed to. Humanity is headed toward connection. Israel is forced from above, to achieve a more connected world, and required to be in the center of this connection. It is our fundamental role, which we cannot escape from. It is not our choice. There are higher forces compelling us from above. We just need to understand, accept, and know how to operate this situation.