Sep 24, 2019
New Life 1162 – The World At A Crossroads

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We are at a crossroads in which egoistic development has been exhausted and a general, integral relationship between humans must be developed. Today, all countries of the world are in an uncertain position in terms of ecology and international relations. Egoism separates us so much that we are willing to harm one another in order to feel on top. Human competition is having a devastating impact. Technological advances have created a situation in which we are all more dependent on one another, less protected, and subject to many dangers. We need a method to correct human nature and establish new values in order to maintain proper relationships. We need to understand that we are interdependent in all aspects of life like a family and that it will only be good for each one when it is good for everyone. In balance, we will solve every problem including climate issues and experience a safe, good, warm, and supportive human connection.

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