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New Life 1257 – How Ideas Are Spread

Episode 1257|Jun 24, 2020
All in all, nature is a desire to receive that passes from one human to another like a virus. We receive and absorb ideas, thoughts, and genes from one another. Nature is interested in us conveying ideas and thoughts to each other so that we will achieve a single, circular, connected, integral mechanism. Nature implants thoughts and ideas in our heads but we must achieve the altruistic, integral idea on our own by contrasting them with their opposite and through freedom of choice. The altruistic idea determines that all are equal and included in each other as one person with one heart. It is difficult for the altruistic idea to spread because it is anti-egoistic. For the idea to spread, we have to build an environment, a network of connected people, to hold our attention. The wisdom of Kabbalah can show us the way toward continued development and the avoidance of blows like the coronavirus epidemic.