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New Life 1218 – Coronavirus, What God Wants

Episode 1218|Mar 31, 2020
The coronavirus is the response of God, the integral system of nature, to the fact that people are not considerate of each other as they are supposed to be. It is part of God’s plan to correct us. All of our diversions from the absolute laws of the balanced system accumulate, and the system responds accordingly. Just like parents, God is not angry and does not want to inflict pain, but speaks in the language of humans. In order to connect to God, we must build a system inside of ourselves that resembles love and bestowal. We need to ask God to be able to understand Him so that we will understand why He has created us with an evil inclination and how we should develop. Both the good and evil forces stem from the same root and we have to balance them. We will begin to feel what God is and will be able to speak with Him. The coronavirus will disappear when it completes the healing of human egoism. The whole world should pray to have the mind and emotion to feel God and to keep His laws.