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A Year Since Operation Guardian of the Walls: Where did the extremism between Arabs and Jews come from? • Disinformation Tzar: Is Democracy in the US Dead? • Istanbul Convention: Is it right to let foreign entities set the norms in Israel? • Rise of Islam in Germany: Are Jews in Germany more vulnerable today than in the past?

Episode 339|May 12, 2022
A year since Operation Guardian of the Walls: Where did the extremism between Arabs and Jews come from? A survey shows that 69% of the Jewish public in Israel express concern about the fate of the state, and 67% believe that action should be taken with firearms and the imposition of fines in order to prevent riots and friction between Jews and Arabs. The findings show that only 25% of Israeli Arabs believe that the Jewish people have a right to sovereignty in the Land of Israel, and a considerable majority - about 75% - believe that the Jewish people do not have such a right. What has been happening in Israel in recent years? Where does the extremism between Israeli Arabs and Jews come from? The friendship that existed between Jews and Israeli Arabs has been especially erased since Operation Guardian of the Walls.. No more neighbors, no more good Bedouin ready to entertain, everyone already sees themselves as Palestinians and not Israeli Arabs, what happened? Where did the friendship between Arabs, Bedouins and Jews go? • Disinformation Tzar: Is Democracy in the US Dead? About two weeks ago, the Biden administration announced the establishment of the so-called Disinformation Governance Board. The body was established two months earlier, but its existence has only recently been announced. At the head of this disinformation council is someone whose role is defined as the "disinformation czar." Amongst Republicans, there has been a great outcry over this matter, and some have likened it to George Orwell's Ministry of Truth from the 1984 book. At the same time, the Tsar, who comes from a progressive background, recently said in a very explicit zoom call that there will be qualified people whose job it will be to investigate cases of online misinformation. In case they discover misinformation, they will be able to "edit" the post of that person or body that they think wrote something wrong, and give it the right context, or in short, change what that person wrote to suit their opinion. For example, she said, let's say Trump writes something wrong, so someone on our behalf will add what is needed so that there is not just a statement, but its correct context.Right now, it is not clear what this council has already done, what it is doing today, and especially it is not clear how one can believe people's posts if the government can take down and change anything at any moment, and without leaving a mark that something is different. The First Amendment to the American Constitution sanctifies freedom of speech and expression. On this sits all of American democracy. If there is no more freedom of expression because there is a "tsar" who makes sure that they express only what is convenient to the government, then where is democracy? If there is no democracy, is there a totalitarian regime in America that only presents itself as democratic? • Istanbul Convention: Is it right to let foreign entities set the norms in Israel? The Istanbul Convention is an international treaty of the Council of Europe on the fight against violence against women. It is based on the assumption that international cooperation is needed to deal with the phenomenon of domestic violence. The Convention was ratified by the Council of Europe in 2011, and currently has 45 signatories. In recent years some countries have regretted joining the treaty, and two countries have already withdrawn from it: Poland withdrew on the grounds that "the treaty is a feminist invention designed to justify a proud ideology" [colored], and Turkey has said "the treaty goes against Islam and conservative values." This week, the convention also reached Israel, which is expected to join by the end of the month. But there are those who criticize and argue that this is exploitative propaganda under the guise of equality. For example, one of the articles of immigration in the Convention states that refugee status should be granted to every man and woman who have been harmed on the basis of gender. Because the definition of harm is a broad and vague definition, it could serve as an opening for Israel to flood refugees and cause serious consequences for Israel's immigration policy. According to the Convention, the State of Israel in fact undertakes to enact laws in accordance with the control of the Council of Europe. Do you see any danger here? Is it right for Israel to let foreign bodies set the norms in the State of Israel? Is it Israel's job to take care of the suffering of the citizens of the world? According to which constitution should Israel determine its norms and values? According to the convention, action must be taken to abolish traditions and customs based on gender characteristics and roles. How does this fit in with the authentic Jewish tradition? Precisely in this week that International Family Day falls, how does the wisdom of Kabbalah see the family unit in a world where values ​​are being undermined? How to prevent domestic violence and protect women? • Rise of Islam in Germany: Are Jews in Germany more vulnerable today than in the Past? A recent survey of the German population and Muslims living in Germany, conducted by the American Jewish Committee, revealed the gap in perceptions about Jews and antisemitism amongst the two populations. While about 60% of the two populations consider antisemitism to be a widespread phenomenon in Germany that has grown over the past 10 years, there is a huge gap in the reasons for this hatred and perception of Jews. 34% of the general German population and 54% of Muslims agree with the statement "Jews today use their status as victims of genocide during the Second World War in their favor." 18% of Germans and 46% of Muslims agree with the statement "Jews have too much power in the media," and a similar percentage think "Jews have too much power in politics." The AJC polls come when German authorities reported 3,028 antisemitic crimes that occurred in 2021, the highest figure since the police in 2001 began tracking reported antisemitic incidents. Do these figures surprise you? Former Chancellor Angela Merkel declared in 2008 that Israel's security is part of Germany's national interest. Do you think this perception is still prevalent in today's Germany? How do you estimate the post-Merkel period for German Jews? Is the current German government more welcoming to the Muslim population? Are Jews in Germany more vulnerable today than in the past?