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Cost of Living in Israel On the Rise: Why doesn’t the government secure prices for basic products? • Biden and Lapid: How valuable are such signed agreements? • Nature Versus Nature: How to extract from nature for collective benefit? • The Two-State Solution: Why is Israel so unbearable? •Scientists from Harvard have developed AI that finds the shortest path to human happiness.

Jul 18, 2022
The cost of living in Israel is rising. Things haven’t been this way for a long time. Essential products will become more expensive, even by 36%. You know, basic bread is going to be 36% more expensive, dairy products, eggs, water, etc. My question is, it’s not supposed to be that way, these are basic products, the government needs to put it in all of its money, do what it can in order not to raise prices on these basic products. • Biden and Lapid signed an agreement on some scientific operation, medical cooperation, etc. but the main things are that both countries will not allow a nuclear Iran. That they will fight together against any attempts to boycott Israel and attempts to deprive Israel the right for self-defense. How valuable are such declarations? In what case will a declaration work? • Nature Versus Nature Nature is harmonious, we studied this at school, we see how everything is connected, the food chains, there is this science based on bionics, that I look at everything and I copy what I see in Nature. Suppose a helicopter, I don't know, say they saw a dragon-fly, birds, planes, bugs, cars. Why, one way or another, it comes down to planes turn into fighter jets, cars turn into tanks, and all of our scientific achievements are headed towards that? We take something positive from Nature, we build what we build and one way or another it is taken by corrupted people and turn it into weapons of mass destruction. • How to relate to the two-state solution? Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy, issued a joint statement resuming cooperation with the six organizations which were declared terrorist organizations by the Israeli Defense Minister. They say that it was not proven that they support terror and they democratically announced we want to quickly implement the two-state solution for both nations. How to relate to the two-state solution? • Scientists from Harvard have developed an AI that finds the shortest path to human happiness: They use a combination of neural networks in the brain, the results of psychological tests that the clients pass and AI predicts the well-being of a person in ten years and what will happen in old age and it gives recommendations on how to live in order to be happy. Do you believe that it's possible?